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Callie King

Callie King is the founder of HorseClass and loves connecting people and ideas and when working with horses or people, she believes it is the connection and relationship that matters most.

In her teaching and training, Callie takes a science based and holistic approach, considering the health and soundness of the horse, the suitability of saddle and tack, and the individuality of each horse and rider.

Callie strives to create a positive learning environment for students and horses, always looking for ways to make learning fun, and incorporate the newest information and research on psychology, behavior, and learning.

Wendy Murdoch

Wendy Murdoch is an international clinician and riding instructor with over 30 years experience as well as a Feldenkrais(R) practitioner.

Early in her career, Wendy was an apprentice to Centered Riding founder Sally Swift, and esteemed horse woman Linda Tellington Jones.

Wendy has an expertise in understanding movement, helping riders change those old habits and patterns to become stable, confident, and effective.

Wendy teaches riding in a way that is easy, fun, and very unique, often using simple tools you already have at home to really get the feeling you need to improve!

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Andrea Wady

Andrea Wady has spent her lifetime seeking harmony with horses.

Andrea has been riding since she was a child, competing in showjumping and endurance, and running a successful horse tours company in Costa Rica. However, she always felt something was missing and wanted more in the relationship with her horses.

Andrea went on a journey, studying with liberty trainers and trying new techniques with her own horses. Through years of study, Andrea found the missing piece in her horsemanship and the essence of creating relationship with horses – Pure Liberty.

Wherever you are in your journey with your horses, I can meet you there; no judgement, no criticism, just a meeting along the road on your journey with your horse.” 

Angelo Telatin

Dr Angelo Telatin is a PhD in Equine Behavior as well as a Professor of Equine Science at Delaware Valley University and an experienced showjumper rider, trainer, and coach.

Angelo has brought many young horses from their first jump to successful competitions and has also developed a specialty in retraining jumpers that are “burnt out” and now known for refusals or worse.

His success comes from a slow and systematic approach, teaching the horses one new skill at a time and moving forward when they are showing the necessary skill level and confidence to do so.

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Patrick King

Patrick has a unique breadth of experience, riding in varied disciplines, and studying with many other master horsemen, including Ray Hunt, Mark Russell, and Master Luis Valenca. He specializes in teaching the principles of classical dressage to riders from ALL disciplines.

Patrick has been teaching clinics around the world for over 18 years and started over 3.000 young horses.

Here at HorseClass, Patrick King teaches our In Hand course, where he will take you and your horse through a series of fun exercises that will help your horse find relaxation, to both move and feel better.

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Heidi Blackman

Heidi has been practicing yoga for over 17 years and is a specialist in teaching Yoga for Riders. She has always had a passion for animals and grew up riding horses and spending as much time as possible at the barn.

Heidi lives in Nosara, Costa Rica and teaches yoga classes for all levels and is co-founder of a retreat company combining the transformative power of yoga and horses.

Heidi’s formal training in yoga is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Training (200 hours of yoga teacher’s training through YogaWorks with Kia Miller and 300 hours of SmartFlow training with Annie Carpenter).

In her classes, Heidi focuses on correct alignment, listening to your own body and limits, and building on slow, correct movement – and you will often hear her say “If it feels too much, it is too much!”

If you would like to become more strong, balanced, and flexible for riding join Heidi in Yoga for Riders.

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Kaitlyn McGarvey

Kaitlyn loves to create partnership between horse and rider, whether that is working with a person and their own horse or with their school horse in each lesson.

Kaitlyn has an impressive resume, working in and studying the disciplines of eventing, and classical dressage through the upper levels.

Even in the roles she had that were focused on preparing horses for competition, Kaitlyn recognized the importance of the relationship between horse and rider, a relationship build on understanding, patience, compassion, and trust.

In her lessons, Kaitlyn works with every student as an individual, acknowledging their unique strengths and challenges as she creates each lesson plan.

“One of my favorite things about teaching is the creatively I use to connect to my riders. Each student helps me to grow in my skills and for that, I am extremely grateful for each one of the humans and horses.”

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Satya Keyes teaches the essence of great horsemanship, not through training techniques, understanding horse behavior, or knowing how to ride better, but through connecting to our innermost selves.

Satya gives his students the experience, not just the idea of, true presence. Being in the senses, being with oneself, and seeing the horse from this place of no agenda, expectations, or training regimen to follow.

It is through being present and connected that the “feel” of great horsemanship is available. While many instructors teach techniques for what to do with the horse, Satya shares techniques for what to do first with ourselves, so that every interaction with our horse is richer, fuller, more precious.

Satya is versed in meditation and mindfulness training in Japan, and India and Hawai’i for over 40 years; as well he is a Master Depth Psychologist with an emphasis in Creativity and DreamTending dream work; He is also a Certified Reiki Master for Humans and Horses/Animals; He is trained in horsemanship in Liberty work thru Carolyn Resnick of CRM, Neda DeMayo of Return to Freedom, and Callie King of HorseClass.

Satya leads Call of the Horse – On Inward Trails, a Training Program to slow down, develop awareness, hear the voice of intuition, and see their relationship with their horse in a new way.

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Cathy Woods

Cathy Woods is a internationally known yoga and meditation teacher, with a specialty in bringing these practices to equestrians.
Cathy teaches her Mind. Body. Equine® Retreats at centers and ranches around the United States and in Iceland.

She has authored the book Yoga for Riders, and as her students say, Cathy is the “real deal” when it comes to teaching mindfulness practices. She brings over 30 years experience to help her students understand true wellness, physically and mentally, and how it can transform their riding.

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Jim Masterson

Jim Masterson is an equine massage therapist and the creator of the world-renowned Masterson Method®.

For Jim, it started in 1998, while he was grooming horses on the U.S. hunter-jumper show circuit, Jim noticed while watching physical therapists work on horses that the horse exhibited certain subtle changes in behavior that correlated to what the therapists were doing. He learned that if you trust and follow what the horse is telling you as you work on it, the horse’s body will participate in the process of releasing tension. The result is not only an improvement in performance, but also in the trust that develops between the horse and human.

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lisa pulliam

Lisa Pulliam is passionate about helping clients develop the practical skills and the mindset to feel calm – in riding and in life. 
Lisa considers herself a second-season equestrian returning to her riding passion in her forties and adopting her first horse, Kodiak Jack, an OTTB rescue who stole her heart at their first hello. In her journey with Kody, she discovered how to navigate through fear that nearly threatened to sabotage her joy of riding. 
Her riding experience partnered with her unique mental health perspective has come together in Finding Calm: Helping Riders Navigate through Fear and Anxiety. (For Release Early 2024)
Lisa holds certifications from the Natural Lifemanship Institute as a Trauma-Informed Equine-Assisted Coach and Equine Specialist, Life Breakthrough Academy Coach and former Instructor, Highlands Ability Battery Consultant, and will complete a Master’s in Clinical Counseling with a Trauma concentration from Eastern University in 2024. 

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