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Keys to a Great Leg Position for Riders

What have you been told about what to do with your leg as you ride? Maybe put your leg at ...
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3 Exercises for Steady Rein Contact

Do you know the dreadful feeling when you make a mistake, lose your balance, get startled, and your horse’s mouth ...
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Wrap Your Leg Around the Horse?

Have you ever been told to “wrap your leg around the horse?”  As though staying on requires literally getting your ...
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One Way to Find if a Behavior Problem is Physical

Have you ever experienced a problem with a horse where you thought – could this be a physical issue? I ...
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3 Things to Check Before You Ride

In this video, learn three simple tips to start your riding safe, attuned, and connected to your horse. Many accidents ...
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Riding Circles and Turns (with Skeletons)

What is the best way to ride a turn? Pull the inside rein? Push with your outside leg? Move your ...
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How to Handle Spooking on the Trail

Riding down a wooded trail, across an open field, along a country lane, or across a rocky ridge – these ...
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Opening Your Hip Image

What Does it Mean to “Open Your Hip”?

Have you ever received the riding instruction of “open your hip” and not sure what it meant? Or have you ...
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Lose My Stirrup Image

Why Do I Lose My Stirrups?

When your feet feel stable and “connected” to the stirrups, the rest of your riding can also improve. The stirrups ...
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How to Stop Bouncing When You Ride

Do you ever feel as though you just cant get with the movement of your horse? Like you are just ...
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How To Ride Posting Image

How to Ride Posting Trot… the Skeletal View

Posting trot is a gait many riders struggle to learn and struggle to do well. It may feel difficult to ...
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Lazy Horse Image

How to Ride a Lazy Horse

We all know the frustration of riding the so called “lazy” horse. No matter how hard we kick or cluck, ...
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Smart Horses Image

Why Smart Horses Get a Bad Rap

I love working with the so-called “problem horses”. They are the ones that have always made me better as a ...
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Different People Image

5 Reasons Why Horses Behave Differently for Different People

Ever wondered why horses can behave so differently for different people? Perhaps you’ve been having a problem with your horse, ...
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Jumping Problem Image

Solving Jumping Problems with Angelo Telatin

What causes the big 3 jumping problems? Refusals, run-outs, and rushing? Watch any lower level jumping class and you are ...
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Spooky Horses Image

Helping the “Spooky” Horse – Four Factors to Consider

Many horses can be called “spooky”, they over-react to harmless things in their environment – a blowing leaf, a flapping ...
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Bad Behavior Image

How to Stop Bad Behavior

Horses can do many things that are annoying, frustrating, or downright dangerous. Take Finn, the young horse who likes to ...
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Dominance Image

Are Dominance and Leadership Important in Horse Training?

When we are riding or working with horses, is it important to “be the boss?” Do we need to establish ...
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best from Confidence Building

Get Back Image

Get Back on the Horse? 3 times NOT to do this

“Get back on the horse” isn’t just advice for riders, it’s become a saying for not giving up, being brave, ...
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Falls Happen Image

Falls Can Happen. Here’s How to Prepare

When we climb onto the back of a horse with a mind and behaviors all it’s own, we are always ...
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Why Fear Image

Why Fear is Meant to Help You, But How to Tell if it’s Holding You Back

You’re out on a trail ride, walking through the grass along the fence line when your horse spots it – ...
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Stop Overthinking Image

“Stop overthinking and just ride!” – Tips to Get Out of Your Head

You’re about to go into the canter. Your instructor has asked you to trot to the far side of the ...
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Finding Flow Image

Finding “Flow” In Your Riding – Creating Peak Performance

Think of a time when you were completely immersed in what you were doing. You lost track of time and ...
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What Keeps You Safe Image

What Keeps You Safe Around Horses

Safety is important for every rider. Even the most experienced among us can still have accidents. But there is one ...
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best from Horse Care

Why Do Horse Roll Image

Why Do Horses Roll?

Have you ever finished grooming or bathing your horse, then turned them back out in their field only to watch ...
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Subtle Sign Image

What Does That Mean? Subtle Signs of Stress in Your Horse

What do you do when you are stressed? Scratch your head, crack your knuckles, fidget with a pen, rub your ...
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Gate Safety Image

Going Through a Gate Safely

Accidents do not only happen while riding. They can happen at anytime, sometimes while doing the most mundane of tasks. ...
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Giving an Eye Medication with Positive Reinforcement

It’s an unfortunate part of horse care and ownership, but horses do get sick and injured. When they do, the ...
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When To Blanket Image

When to Blanket Your Horse

Blanketing is a tricky topic in horse care. As owners, we want to provide our horses with the best care ...
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Administering Dewormer Image

Tips for Administering Dewormer or Other Oral Medications

We’ve all had the pleasure of needing to give a dewormer or other type of oral medication to our horse ...
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best from Horse & Life

Connect The Intersection Image

Connection – The Intersection of Awareness and Caring

What is connection? A word that is so commonly used, yet so widely interpreted.  It is essential but can be ...
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Yoga Poses Image

These Yoga Poses Will Make You a Better Rider

I’ll admit it, I love fitness. I believe that being in shape makes us better riders and I’ve been an ...
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Selling A Horse Image

When it’s​ just not working out – Selling a Horse

The first time you find these thoughts in your mind can be gut-wrenching.  “Is this ever going to work?” Maybe ...
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Horse Is A Mirror Image

The Horse is a Mirror of Our Emotions. Is This True?

The role of the horse in human life is changing. Horses are no longer needed for transportation, or for military. ...
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Horse People Image

Horse People Have Strong Opinions – why we all want to be right

The equestrian community is one of strong opinions. What is right, and what is not. What is cruel, and what ...
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What Have Horses Taught You Image

What Have You Learned from Horses & Riding

Horses have a lot to teach us. They teach us how to be good observers and listeners, they teach us ...
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