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I love using the Stay in the Saddle Book in my Lesson Program. It allows me to recall helpful exercises for either in the moment fixes or homework assignments for my students on a weekly basis. Sometimes it is hard to think of the most effective exercise for a single student to do in a group lesson but this book easily allows me to refresh my memory on the spot as needed. Having a video demonstration is also extremely helpful for those who are visual learners.

Kaitlyn McGarvey

Do you ever go to the barn for a ride and find you have no idea what you want to do?

You ride around, feeling a bit aimless and then call it a day, having made no improvement and feeling as though there is nothing to show for your efforts.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve got limited time to ride. So make every ride count. Have fun, learn, and improve you and your horse.

Riding is about freedom, exhilaration, and connection.

It is those moments where we feel as one with the horse, being carried forward and forgetting about everything else.

It is why we ride, why we keep going through all the challenges and frustrations, knowing those moments are worth it… the first few strides of floating canter, the rhythm of a springy trot, even just the greeting at the pasture gate.

You can be balanced, communicate clearly with your horse, and most importantly – stay in the saddle!

But you won’t make improvements or changes doing the same old thing you have been doing. As the popular quote attributed to Einstein (as many popular quotes are) says,

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”

If you want to get more out of your ride get Stay in the Saddle, 67 Exercises for Horse and Rider and make every ride count!

How this Book Can Help You:


Create hundreds of different exercise combinations for fun and learning – no more boring rides!


Exercises organized for beginner through advanced so you can continue to challenge yourself and your horse


Problem Solver Index to help you choose targeted exercises to solve your biggest riding challenges

Structure Your Ride with These 3 Types of Exercises

Warm Up Exercises

Warm Up Exercises that can be done unmounted before your ride, and from the saddle as you start your ride to loosen your body and calm your mind.

Rider Skill Building

Rider Skill Building Exercises to target a specific skill or area of your body, such as better rein contact, a balanced seat, or easier turns.

Training Exercises

Training Exercises to help your horse be more supple, coordinated, and strong, as well as light and responsive to your aids.

Way more than just a book!

This is way more than just a book, however, as each exercise page has a QR code, which directs to a video where I demonstrate the exercise and explain how to overcome the common challenges that you may experience with that particular exercise.

$197 Video Library Included Free with Book

How to Use this Resource

At the beginning of your ride, choose one exercise from each of the three categories:

Warm Up


Rider Skill Building




Choose the exercises for the day based on what you know you want to work on, address specific challenges using the Problem Solving Index, or select exercises at random for a fun variety!

Start with your warm up exercise – either before you mount, as you start your ride, or even use these warm up exercises to practice at home.

After your warm up, do your rider skill building exercise and training exercises separately to become familiar with them – then you will progress to doing them in combination.

For example, if your rider skill building exercise was riding with one hand and your training exercise was a 20-meter circle, you would practice riding with one hand, then practice the circle, and then combine the two and ride the circle with your reins in one hand.

Doing the exercises in this way creates hundreds of combinations and new routines to practice, continually building the skills of you and your horse.

I live in the UK and bought this book. It arrived really quickly and it’s great. I like the human exercises, I do Pilates but I hadn’t done many of these exercises 😁. I enjoy the things to try on your horse and the combination of that and a horse exercise. It gives me an aim. I find the the way Callie King explains things resonates with me and things I’ve been failing at for years suddenly work because she’s said something in a different way. Thank you so much. My horse Mr Spotz seems to have enjoyed our sessions together, I never think of it as schooling my horse, more schooling me with the reward that if I do it correctly Spotty does what I ask 😁... and a bonus having the videos to hand to motivate me 👍

Sarah Allen

Stay in the Saddle is Perfect for:

New and
Returning Riders

Are you a new or
returning rider?

Found your first horse or started leasing a horse?

You try to remember everything from your last lesson or from the video you watched on your phone, but still end up feeling like you didn’t accomplish much.

Use Stay in the Saddle to have a plan for each ride so you can feel confident and secure.

Driven Riders Who Want
to be the Best They Can Be

Do you want to be the best you can be?

Feel driven to improve, to make the most of your time, to absorb all the knowledge and experience you possibly can?

No more aimless or frustrating rides where you don't feel as though you learned anything.

Make the most of your time and make every ride count with Stay in the Saddle.

Riders Who Think Arena Work is Boring

Do you ever get a little bored in your riding?

Perhaps you love to hit the trails, but secretly despise those endless circles around the arena, even though you know that arena work can improve your skills and your horse's suppleness, balance, and strength.

Give purpose to your rides, with fresh ideas, new exercises, and fun for you and your horse.

Instructors & Teachers

Are you a riding instructor or teacher?

It is so much more fun to teach when you have exercises that you know your students will love, and they will create the result you are looking for - quieting their hands, getting a stable lower leg, or helping them ride from their seat.

With Stay in the Saddle, you can create hundreds of lesson plan combinations, targeting exactly what you want to improve in your riders.

I have used exercises from this book as part of a stretching/warm-up routine before riding. The great thing about this book is that it has exercises you can do in the saddle, as well as out of the saddle, and both will have a positive influence on your ride.

Allie Peck

ABCs of Riding Mini Course

Review the fundamentals of great riding behind each exercise in this course for effective posture and clear communication, regardless of discipline or experience.

​Part 1

​Part 2

​Part 3

​Part 5

​Part 4

Fundamentals of Riding

What Creates Easy, Flowing Movement

Applying the Aids

Basic Rider Position (English Saddle)

Basic Rider Position (Western Saddle)

Meet Your Instructor

Callie King

Hi, I’m Callie, author of Stay in the Saddle, founder of HorseClass and your instructor through the exercises here. I love working with horses and riders of all levels and specialize in taking a science-based approach to my teaching and training.

This includes a holistic approach to riding, considering the health and soundness of the horse, the suitability of saddle and tack, and the individuality of each horse and rider. What riding is really about is the relationship between horse and rider, it should be fun and enjoyable for both!

Both in my in person teaching as well as through my online courses and programs, I strive to create a positive learning environment for students and horses, always looking for ways to make learning fun, and incorporate the newest information and research on psychology, behavior, and learning.

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Bring fun and purpose to every ride, improving your skills and your horse’s training.


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The Rider Improvement and Horse Training exercises in this book are organized as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you can look for exercises to challenge you as your skills continue to improve.

Each exercise also has notes for how to modify it to make it easier or more advanced.

Stay in the Saddle book and video library are equally helpful for a new rider starting out, an intermediate rider to solve a particular challenge, and for an experienced rider wanting new ideas!

While we may use different tack and enjoy different activities with our horses, the skills of balance and movement remain the same for all riders.

Stay in the Saddle truly is for every rider, whether you ride dressage, jumpers, reining, western pleasure, endurance, or trail riding.

Every discipline has wisdom to share, and good horsemanship and great riding exists regardless of the style of saddle or riding clothes one is wearing.

If Stay in the Saddle is not what you expected, no problem. You can return the book and request a refund within 30 days of purchase. The book does need to be in good condition. You will receive your refund within 2 business days. 

It takes 5-7 business days for your book to arrive if you live in the US. International shipping will be longer and is dependent on your country. 

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