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We’ll teach your child how to form a TWO-WAY FRIENDSHIP with their horse based on gentleness—not fear, force, or coercion

In the Pure Connection for Kids course...

Your child will discover PROVEN TECHNIQUES that will help them connect with their horse or pony, so they can have a happy, safe, confident riding experience

Building a long-lasting friendship isn’t about “showing them who’s boss”

Many children are trained to behave a certain way around their horse. To be dominant and controlling. To “show them who’s boss.” To push, pull and coerce. 

But this isn’t a positive message for a child to carry through life. And it’s not the way for them to build a long-lasting friendship with their pony. 

Forcing a horse to do certain things can make them fearful, untrusting and unsure, which can create a more difficult and frustrating riding experience. It can also cause the horse to act out…and do things like bite, kick or barge. 

What if instead your child could:

Introducing...Pure Connection for Kids, a course that will show your child the skills and techniques they need to develop a true friendship with their horse

Perfect if your child...

Proven Techniques

Your child will learn proven techniques that will help them persuade their ponywithout force.

Easy to Consume

The bite-sized videos feature demos, so your child won’t have to wonder “how do I do *that*?”

Full Support

Course instructor, Andrea, will be there to answer any questions your child has throughout the course.

Lifetime Access

Your child can watch the videos whenever and however many times they want.

Does your child ride for fun? Aim to compete in the Olympics one day? Whatever their aspirations, Pure Connection for Kids will help your child improve their relationships with horses *and* their riding experiences. Guaranteed (or your money back).

Inside the Course, kids will get access to 3 Modules & 29 Bite-Sized Videos

Module 1 Learning About Your Pony

In this Module, your child will learn common horse habits and how to make their horse feel loved, safe and cared for.

They will learn things like:

Module 2 Becoming Friends

Once your child understands more about their horse, we’ll teach them what to do (and not do) to build a long-lasting friendship with their horse.

Here are just a few things they will learn in this module:

Kid with Pony from Pure Connection for Kids course

Module 3 Exploring Together

In the last module, your child will learn how to take their friendship with their horse to the next level.

They’ll discover:

Messages from Alumni Students...

Challenges equal opportunities

Riding after a fall

Meet Your Instructor Andrea Wady

Lifelong Horsewoman and once Plucky Pony Rider

(aka Equine Behavorist and
Pure Liberty expert)

When Andrea was growing up, she was taught to kick, pull, and shove her horse around. It was all “you must obey, or else…”

One day, that changed. Andrea was training her beloved horse, Archie, when she realized that she had forgotten her rope and training stick. At first it was fine, since Archie had been trained to stay with her.

But suddenly, Archie ran off. At that moment, Andrea realized that she knew nothing about who she had to be to for her horse to want to stay with her. She realized the importance of treating her horses like friends, rather than pieces of sporting equipment.

So Andrea began learning more about horse behavior and body language. She learned how to create two-way friendships based on intimacy and gentleness—rather than one-way relationships based on force and coercion.

After years of study and hosting clinics at her Equine Center and Retreat Company in Costa Rica, Andrea teaches clinics internationally and created the Pure Liberty course for adults in 2019.

With Pure Connection for Kids, Andrea wants to help children set their journeys with horses off on the *right* foot or help experienced kids come back to a friendlier path. Her goal is to teach children how to create a meaningful connection with their horse or pony using skills that will last them a lifetime.

If you and your child don’t love the course, we’ll give you your money back

As with all of our HorseClass programs, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If for whatever reason you and your child aren’t happy with the course, you can return it and get a full refund within 30 days of joining. No hard feelings!

Pure Connection for Kids Guarantee

Get lifetime access now for just $97!

Pure Connection for Kids Logo

3 in-depth modules (with bite-sized lessons)

Proven techniques (with demos)

Full support from Andrea Wady (all questions answered)

Lifetime access (so your child can learn at their own pace)


Single payment in USD

Get lifetime access now for just $97!

Pure Connection for Kids Logo

3 in-depth modules (with bite-sized lessons)

Proven techniques (with demos)

Full support from Andrea Wady (all questions answered)

Lifetime access (so your child can learn at their own pace)


Sale Price $77.60

Single payment in USD

Lingering questions? Let’s clear things up!

Pure Connection for Kids is designed for children (ages 8-12) who ride or enjoy the company of horses. All levels are welcome!

As soon as you’ve made your purchase, we’ll send you an email with your login details, so you can access the course immediately.

All 3 modules will be available right away, so your child can jump around the course if they want (although we recommend watching the videos in order).

Whenever your child wants! The course will be available as soon as you click that “buy” button, but your child can watch the videos at their own pace and refer back to them anytime.

You and your child can post questions in the comment section below each video, and Andrea will respond there. Andrea welcomes all questions!

No! This course is valuable for any child that spends time with horses, whether they have their own pony or ride lesson horses.

Yes! When you pay with your credit card, the currency will automatically be converted to US dollars from your currency at the current exchange rate.  You can view current exchange rates at this link:

Kid with Pony from Pure Connection for Kids course

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