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  • What:  A concise training/coaching program designed to easily embed new and innovative inner-self learning tools for improved horse and human connecting.

  • Why:  To have fun practicing new living ways to serve and connect with the natural world so to creatively rebalance (heal) our Selves, our horses, and our ecosphere.

  • Who:  Trainer: Satya Keyes M.A., M.M., Reiki M., ESMHL, Cert. DreamTending

  • Satya is versed in meditation and mindfulness training in Japan, and India and Hawai’i for over 40 years; as well he is a Master Depth Psychologist with an emphasis in Creativity and DreamTending dream work; He is also a Certified Reiki Master for Humans and Horses/Animals; He is trained in horsemanship in Liberty work thru Carolyn Resnick of CRM, Neda DeMayo of Return to Freedom, and Callie King of HorseClass


Call of the Horse - On Inward Trails

With Satya Keyes

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