Private intensives

at Honey Brook Stables

Experience a learning immersion in a beautiful setting with a sought after instructor
and great horses and facilities - with nothing to think about except learning.

Everyone’s journey in horses and riding is unique. We are each different in our goals, our priorities, and in the learning paths we will take.

There are many parts of riding and horsemanship that bring us just as much joy and connection as climbing into the saddle. From liberty to in hand work to understanding how to adapt your riding to different horses, being a great rider is a holistic journey.

You may sense that there is more than what you are getting in your regular lessons, yet feel overwhelmed by all the learning options available. Perhaps you have just been feeling stuck, or impatient, and are ready for a big jump forward in your riding skills. Or you may be preparing for a riding trip, a show, or the next step of leasing or owning your own horse.

To move you into the next phase of your riding journey, we have created the Private Intensive at Honey Brook Stables – a one on one, fully customized learning experience to reach your riding goals.

​Move confidently into the next phase of your riding journey!

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The Experience

During your Private Intensive, you will be working with our stellar group of school horses, with each horse carefully chosen to help solve a specific problem you’ve been having or teach the skill you need for your next level of riding.

Not only will you have the opportunity to ride several times each day, on different horses, but you will also practice liberty, in hand, clicker training – the areas you are most interested in and what will best support your time at home, at your regular barn or with your own horse.

There will be time each day for learning while you rest between rides and sessions, observing other lessons as well as having more personal time with Kaitlyn to discuss your rides and ask any questions you may have.

Your Private Intensive journey will begin even before you arrive, in the planning call, where Kaitlyn will ask questions to discover exactly what you want out of your Intensive experience, and how your time here can make the biggest difference in your riding.

After the experience, you will go home with a personal training plan, feeling confident in continuing forward with what you have learned.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kaitlyn McGarvey

Kaitlyn is the Barn Manager and Lead Instructor at Honey Brook Stables, the farm campus for HorseClass. She has worked in many disciplines from eventing to liberty performance and has a unique gift in solving relationship problems between horse and rider.

Kaitlyn's friendly, thoughtful, and kind approach to riders and horses alike make her lessons enjoyable and effective. She has the lovely ability to bring together the rider's goals and aspirations, the horse's ability and readiness, and identifying how to help them move towards their goals and dreams.

Kaitlyn helps riders of all levels and ability, whether they are just starting out and looking for correct basics, preparing for competition, or looking to rebuild balance and confidence.

Included in Your Private Intensive

A one on one, fully customized learning experience to reach your riding goals


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Set Your Goals Phone Consultation

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During this process you will get clear on what you want to focus on during your time here, and Kaitlyn will prepare your schedule, including choosing the best horses for your riding level and goals.

This consultation is the opportunity for Kaitlyn to understand your background and your goals, so that your private intensive experience can be fully customized for you. As part of this initial consultation, you can also submit a video so Kaitlyn can already plan exactly which horses to pair you with.


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Two Days Intensive Learning

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During your two days here you will be learning and practicing from 10am-5pm each day. In this time, you will get to experience many of our wonderful school horses, working on what you need and want, whether that is completely riding focused or also incorporating groundwork or liberty work.

The objective for you through this experience is to connect ideas, words, and theories to the actual feeling in the saddle - plus the way to find that feeling again when you return home.

Discover clarity on what it really feels like to ride balanced and centered, while noticing what the horse is telling you - including the subtleties of their communication.


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Custom Home Training Plan + Take Home Video

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The power of this experience goes far beyond just your two days here. Return home with confidence to incorporate this new learning at your regular barn or with your own horse.

​You will return home with your own custom training plan, knowing which exercises to practice at home to improve your riding strength and flexibility, plus the exercises in the saddle to recreate the feelings you experienced during the intensive. You will also have a video of your lesson here, incorporating these exercises so can remember exactly what you practiced.

You will also know which next learning steps are best for you - no more overwhelm and feeling as though you need to accomplish everything at once. Return home with a solid plan and the confidence to implement it.


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Follow Up Video Coaching and Consultation Call

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Kaitlyn will continue to support you even after your two day experience here. After you have incorporated your new practice at home, you have a follow up video coaching and consultation call to make sure you are on the right track and answer any questions you have from taking your new learning home.

This is an opportunity that is rarely available after lessons or a clinic - send in a video of you practicing on your own to review with Kaitlyn over a call, discussing any challenges you are having, and celebrating your improvement!


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All Inclusive Package

The food and accommodation for your entire Private Intensive Experience is included, so you can focus on what you are coming here to do, take your riding to the next level!

You will stay in our Historic Farmhouse, steps from our indoor and outdoor riding arenas and with views of the farm fields and grazing horses. This home is rich with history of the farm and the Amish culture of this area.

During your stay, enjoy nutritious local food, all provided for you. And of course you get unlimited instruction with Kaitlyn between 10am and 5pm each day and access to the wonderful Honey Brook Stables school horses!

Here is exactly what you get in Your Private Intensive

A one on one, fully customized learning experience to reach your riding goals…​

1. A Set Your Goals Phone Consultation
2. Two Days of Intensive Learning
3. A Custom Home Training Plan + Take Home Video
4. A Follow Up Video Coaching and Consultation Call
5. An All Inclusive Package

All Inclusive Private Intensive: $3,000​

Available Dates in the Application Below

PLEASE NOTE: Due to very limited availability, dates fill quickly and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

View our Private Intensive Policies for COVID and Cancellations Here

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About Honey Brook Stables

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Farm Location

80 King Road Honey Brook, PA 19344

Getting Here

The closest and largest airport is Philadelphia International Airport, about 1.5 hours away. We are also close to Harrisburg International Airport (1.5 hours away) and Baltimore/ Washington International Airport (1.75 hours away).

From the airport you can rent a car or hire a Taxi or Uber to bring you to the farm.

Farm facilities

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