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What is the voice in your head when you ride?

Is it supportive, cheering you on, high-fiving you for every small improvement?

Or is it a bit more negative… comparing to others, telling you that you should be better by now… or replaying old riding advice from years ago?

Who is this voice? Where did it come from?

Self talk matters, and changing it can change your riding.

Watch the video below to learn from Wendy Murdoch about the voices in our heads!

Wendy Murdoch has been one of my most influential riding teachers. She gets the whole picture of riding – body and mind – and has been helping riders in her international clinics for over 30 years. Wendy is going to be teaching a new class, completely live, working directly with her. HorseClass has not produced this course, but we are helping to promote it!

Free training has started here, where you can learn more about Wendy’s philosophy on riding. Watch here: https://horseclass.krtra.com/t/ZvhgKf4s1Va4


Learn how your horse thinks and how to communicate with them to create a happy and willing riding partner

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Better riding in 7 days (FREE Mini Course)

Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

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2 Responses

  1. I can truly relate to what you are saying about these negative “voices”. I have found the saddest part is these voices are robbing me of focusing on my beautiful boy.He deserves all my attention, my constant assessment of His comfort level and mine, am I breathing, am I soft but focused for us? I long to feel him calm and using his body the way it was made and I am along for an honoring and grateful ride. Kim Kinne

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