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Have you ever thought about riding “this was so much easier when I was younger…”?

You may be right, but today I want to explain one change that happens in many people’s lives with age, and how you can counteract it.

As children, we move a lot.

We are constantly learning and exploring, and areas of the brain responsible for forming new movement patterns are open. This is one reason that kids seem to pick up new skills, such as riding, more quickly. With time, most people move less. Patterns and habits of movement become more formed. There is less experimentation, less doing new things.

This is compounded by the fact that a lot of modern work is sedentary – planted in front of a computer, performing tasks with the brain instead of the body.

The thing with movement is that if we do not use it, we lose it.

But there is a way to get it back – to rediscover the ease in movement and learning.

That’s the topic of today’s video. Plus we will do an exercise together that is wonderful for a riding warm up or cool down – the perfect reset to be present in your body and with your horse.

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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

Your information is safe with us, learn how we use and process data in our Privacy Policy.

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9 Responses

  1. Really dynamite information. I learned (cognitively) this years ago as an occupational therapist, but never thought to bring it all together—-and especially not for myself or my riding. So late we learn! Thanks so much.

  2. This was really great Callie. I have been a ballet dancer all my life, and rode horses on and off, and like you, I love all physical activity. But lately arthritis has taken over from my hips, seat and legs, and I feel stiffness all of the time somewhere in my lower body. Moving helps, but it’s frustrating. Fortunately, in the saddle I feel no pain. Just getting older, now I need to move more slowly (which isn’t really my thing!), but I just need to keep moving and stretching and doing whatever makes me comfortable.

  3. Thanks again Callie for an excellent video. And a BIG congratulations for even finishing the Mongol Derby. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it.

  4. On the recommendation of my instructor, I started bellydance earlier this summer. It has been a huge challenge but also amazing for translating into more open and flexible hips, relaxed shoulders, and, especially, independent aids when I need to ask my feet, my hips, and my arms to be doing different time in time with the music. I’m 59 years old btw and have always thought of myself as having two left feet–not a born dancer.

  5. Great information Callie!! And something that I would like to learn more about to help with staying healthful and supple (so that I can continue to ride) as I age. Thank you!
    I am looking forward to hearing about your Mongol Derby experience. Congratulations!!!

  6. Wonderful, I so appreciate your sharing and body awareness. I’m all grown up at 72 still enjoying my connection with several horses, and learning with each new relationship. I’m going to make time for more free movement, I used to free dance much much more often.

    I’m reminded how awesome Ido Portal’s way is and you Callie, thank you.
    Off to move……

  7. Video timing for me was perfect because I just started PT to deal with some hip issues. I learned I need to balance the back deep hip muscles with the front ones. A year ago I quit yoga because my horse smashed my little toe and because of Covid could not get it operated on. So now I get off my horse and have to stand on one leg as my left hip stabilizes. A classic case of favoring one side and screwing up the other. Hopefully PT exercises will help. I also plan to start a class on Modern Western Square Dancing. I ‘get’ the message in your video.

  8. I definitely feel that this is one of my biggest issues. Having had a hip replacement I feel that I always need to be in control of my body to protect it. I struggle constantly with loosening up and just being one with my horse because of wanting to protect myself in case of that inevitable spook.

  9. As an RDA Coach – exercises before my riders mount are really important.
    This is now another exercise I can show them.

    I love watching your videos, and have used a lot of information in them.

    Many thanks Callie

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