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When do you remember first falling in love with horses?

For me, I was always enamored with all animals and before I started riding lessons,I would sneak out at night to visit the horse in my grandfather’s barn across the street. 

I am so lucky that horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Horses were a source of connection, friendship, and independence. They taught me some of my earliest life lessons of responsibility and empathy.

When I look back, there were many beautiful moments with my own horses and the school horses I rode. But I also have memories where I childishly treated horses as my own furry motorbikes, more concerned with the fun I could have than what was best for the horses. 

I am grateful for many of the hard knocks the horses gave me when I had this kind of attitude, and also grateful for mentors who set an example for me of being with horses with reverence and respect. 

In today’s video, we will talk about the special connection between kids and horses, and how we can foster this connection, helping kids see horses as friends, not as tools to be used or dominated, an all too common mindset – even in many riding schools where the theme is to “be tough and show him who’s boss”.

p.s. We also just completed a brand new course with the best mentor a young rider could have – Andrea Wady. In this new program, Pure Connection for Kids, Andrea guides young students through exercises to build a lasting relationship with their horse or pony. Click Here to Learn More.


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4 Responses

  1. My first memory of horses was Dad’s white work horse, Toby. He was huge, gentle, and kind. Dad would set me on Toby’s broad back as he would clean out the stables. Back then, the stables were too small for a tractor and Dad used horses to clean stables. Dad also kept a driving horse or pony and the family would go for wagon rides Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon or evening. Horses were also my friends. I spent hours with them in their stalls. One might even say our horses were my first therapists!

    1. They are great for that! That is so wonderful you were able to spend time around horses as a child 🙂

      -Julia, HorseClass Community Manager

  2. How about a class for adults to connect with their horses!?!? I bought my first horse nearly two years ago, and he’s a tricky one. Clearly, there was trauma in his past life. We’ve made huge strides over the past 18 months, but we are still not fully bonded. He still doesn’t fully trust me. I would love a program like Pony Connection to help me foster an even stronger bond with him!

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