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Kaori Sakurai

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I started riding ten years ago at fifty and I ride only school horses. I enjoy riding lessons in my riding club and trail riding, and now making connections with working horses for horse logging and plowing in a small farm.

I joined HorseClass 6 years ago. I enjoy and highly appreciate all the courses I have taken so far and most of them did help me as a rider. Callie is always very calm and her explanation is plain and clear. I like her wide perspective and openness, which is largely based on scientific evidence. My pathways started from Balanced Riding because I struggled in all aspects of posture and cantering as an occasional rider. Then, (if I remember correctly) I took Effortless Rider and Balanced Riding when I fell off from a very spooky horse and got an injury. Wendy’s words in her self-introduction in the course encouraged me by letting me know I can learnriding during the rest time. After the injury healed, Callie helped me muchin Calm & Confident Rider. Thanks to her and the course, I got my confidence back and even won a small internal competition! I love Yoga for Riders, too, because Heidi is cheerful and helps me grow calmness and confidence! ABC on the Aids and Stay in the Saddle are also very compact helpful guides, I

I am not a horse owner but I truly love Pure Liberty. I enjoy being synchronized with school horses. Then, I feel the horses closer. Andrea’s words meaning that horses always give us a chance for starting fresh are so true. So, I even decided to take Training Journals so that I came to learn more about horses.

As I am not a horse owner, I used to think sometimes that some courses might be a bit earlier for me as a school horse rider. Actually, I sometimes felt overwhelmed by the vast amount of contents, although the courses are fantastically organized! Valuable resources for learning all the elements of horsemanship!

Recently I have joined in the horse logging world and my interest in trail riding has been growing. So, I can see new pathways. I expect Training Journals and Balance in Hands are becoming more valuable for me than before, once I have got chances for lunging and training horses. Leg Up Coaching has become part of my life recently, too. Jenna’s book club and periodical constant messages stimulate my motivation, too. I also started to use Equestrian Planner every day for my whole life this year.

When I look back, I am very impressed with how greatly these courses helped me improve awareness. Although I am still on the way, mine has definitely improved. At present I have so many drawers that I can easily open, in which I can always find something I need as well as something inspiring.

This time, I have decided to take the last pathway, jumping. I wondered if this is really necessary and then talked to Andrea. Her advice was kind and clear, based on her wonderful career and experience in riding and working with horses.
I believe there is no any other place like HorseClass where so many wonderful instructors and advisors guide you and offer rich resource.

Best regards,


Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

Your information is safe with us, learn how we use and process data in our Privacy Policy.

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