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Balanced Riding Course

Instructed by Callie King

This course is designed to give you a solid foundation of both skill and knowledge in horse behavior, training theory, and effective riding.

Create a stronger bond with your horse, and feel comfortable and confident when you ride.

Stay in the Saddle:
67 Exercises for Horse and Rider

By Callie King

If you want to be a balanced, confident rider, but don’t know what to practice and are tired of making aimless circles around the arena, then use this playbook and accompanying videos to create an effective training plan for you and your horse because every ride counts.

Effortless RidING Course

Instructed by Wendy Murdoch

In the Effortless Riding Course, find solutions to your riding challenges and bring ease to your riding through understanding the mechanics of movement.

This course is taught by international clinician and instructor Wendy Murdoch. Wendy combines 30 years of teaching riding with her expertise in anatomy and movement as a Feldenkrais practitioner.

In this Course, she teaches unique mounted and unmounted exercises using skeletons of both horse and rider (as well as real riders!) to give detailed instruction on the biomechanics of riding.

Effortless Rider Jumping Course

Instructed by Wendy Murdoch

In this Course, Wendy breaks down the process of learning jumping, beginning on the ground and progressing to specific exercises riding on the flat, over poles, grids, and carefully designed courses to build each movement, skill, and feeling that you need to jump effectively and safely.

You will get specific exercises for learning and feeling the position, movement, and habits required for each phase of the jump that will make you a safe and effective jump rider!

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