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The Effortless Rider Workshop

Identify the habits holding you back in your riding and learn exercises to be more safe and secure in the saddle.

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Better Riding in 7 days

Learn How to Become a More Balanced, Confident Rider in 7 Days – and have a happier, more willing riding partner.

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Understanding Your Horse in 7 Days

Find out how your horse thinks and what motivates his behavior. Learn to communicate clearly to create a happy and willing riding partner.
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Calm & Confident Free Classes

Have you ever felt the conflict of wanting to ride… but felt something holding you back… nervousness, anxiety, or fear? In this Free Training, I’ve
combined the advice and knowledge of others with my own experience on understanding your fear, tackling it, and finding confidence.
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Yoga For Riders
Free Classes

​Find more ease and flexibility in your movement both in and out of the saddle and discover your optimal riding position with Yoga for Riders!

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