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Callie warm up

Any physical activity is best done with a warm up. 

To ride well requires balance, coordination, and the right amount of strength… enough to keep us stable in the saddle, but not so much that we over tense, gripping our horse and making ourselves sore. 

Many times when we ride, we just hop on and go. 

However, a few minutes to warm up our muscles and bring awareness to key movements, as well as calm and center our mind, is time well spent. 

In this 18 minute video I will take you through several exercises I love for a great riding warm up. Follow along, then pick your favorites to prepare for your next ride!


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15 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed the elbow to knee, not because it felt so good, but because it was a stretch that gets muscles that I don’t normally move! Thank you for that.

  2. Oh that felt so good and I think the twist will help me in ways that I had not anticipated. Having had a spinal compression fracture my hips are a little out of whack and all of this will really help me to get more flexible and less tense before a ride. I am very thankful you did this today!

  3. Really enjoyed this video!! Perfect exercises for what I need to let go of tension and help me relax before I ride! Thanks, Callie!

  4. Really love all the stretches especially to incorporate a few with each ride!! Probably favorites are the knee squats and knee to chest ankle rolls great too. Thanks!!

  5. In recently broke my humerus near the very top falling on the ice, no cast, but also no riding. I love these exercises because with just a little bit of adapting I can add them to what I do daily to remain in shape while I heal.

  6. Nice warm up, especially the circles and hips part. I tried to set up some warm up of my own, but it never was that complete. Thank you, once again !

  7. With the full roll and release forward my lower back felt a good stretch. With coming to the top and looking up a got a little dizzy. I think with a little more practice and deeper breaths, this will really help my balance.

  8. I loved the whole routine – but especially liked the slow head roll down and the whole body slowing drifting downward.

  9. Breathing and releasing tension. Not over stretching but adjusting to make fluid motion
    All of these focused exercise connections to body awareness are awesome, and good steps for healthy self-carriage What wonderful energy for presenting yourself to your horse

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