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Tomorrow, I will be at the start of the Mongol Derby.

Being that the ride is 1000 km long, the start will likely be a bit non-climatic.

As long as I don’t fall off or run into anyone in the group of 44 horses galloping off into the steppe, I expect to be fine. It will be in the long riding days following that I expect the real challenges to appear.

But starts are always symbolic.

Whether we stumble into them accidentally or make a commitment to a beginning, looking back there is always that point where plans were set to motion.

10 years ago, I started HorseClass.
(the name used to be CRK Training, but after awhile that name felt vague and boring) 

It began as just a way to send my in person riding students home after their lesson with a bit more information. Then it grew into helping riders from around the world, showing that, yes indeed, you could become a better rider by watching videos on the internet.

Today we have thousands of students from almost every continent (no one yet has enrolled in Antarctica).

I love all the details of helping someone feel more balanced and confident on the back of a horse. I love how a small change in how to hold the reins, or a simple exercise to feel the best foot position in the stirrup can completely change how a rider feels.

That “oh! THIS is how it’s supposed to be!” feeling.

But what I really love…

The experiences that riding allows us to have.

When you are balanced in the saddle, secure, and not worried about falling off, you can pay closer attention to your horse. You can be present and connect with them.

You can help your horse move better and feel more relaxed.

And you can have adventures…

Whether that is jumping your first cross rail, going on a trail ride with friends, doing the riding trip of your dreams, or just hanging with your horse in the pasture on a Sunday afternoon…

The truth is, the more skilled we are at something, the more we can enjoy it.

While I am off on my adventure in Mongolia (and testing the limits of my own skills), I want to invite you to join me in celebrating the past 10 years.

10 years of learning.

10 years of adventures.

10 years of countless videos about every detail I could think of for riding.

10 years of HorseClass.

To celebrate our 10 years we are giving back. To you, our community, and to the horses.

Starting tomorrow, as I begin my 1000 km ride, we will have 20% off all HorseClass programs for 10 days (the number of days of the ride).

Plus, we will be donating 10% of ALL sales during these 10 days to provide veterinary care for working horses around the world through Equitarian Initiative.

You can read more about them and why I am riding in the Mongol Derby to help support them here.

It all kicks off tomorrow with the start of the ride – keep an eye on your email tomorrow!!

See you in the comments! 




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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

Your information is safe with us, learn how we use and process data in our Privacy Policy.

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  1. Callie, I’ve been following you AND the Mongol Derby for some years now and I think it’s high time for you to show your stuff on the steppes, so to speak. I wish you good luck, sound footing, sturdy mounts, and starry skies. I’m also tempted to say be careful but I’m not sure that’s a key to success this time! I will be following every day.

    (Be careful.)

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