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Calming Strategies

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Making a
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Calming Strategies

​On this page you will find three simple exercises to better manage the emotions of fear and anxiety.

Each of these strategies offers a slightly different way to notice what you experience in your body with these emotions. These “observations” will be key to not only helping you feel better, but also in noticing your own patterns.

1. Breathing

2. Connecting with Your Senses

3. The Body Scan

There are many more calming strategies that we discuss in the Calm & Confident Rider Program, but I’d like you to try these first.

Take even just 5 minutes a day to begin practicing these exercises regularly to get the full benefit.

The power is not in knowing 20 calming or relaxation techniques, but in having just one or two that work for you and that you actually use!

​Up Next:

Making a Plan

In Part 3 of this training, you will be creating your own plan to move forward in both your confidence and your riding skills.

We’ll begin with talking about how to build simple habits for the exercises you learned on this page, and then we’ll identify your comfort zone, and how to safely expand it!

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