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Andrea & Lily

Each moment with our horse requires attention.

As we put on the halter.

When our hand runs down the lead line.

When the gate opens and we step through.

Even as we first enter the barn, the interaction between us and our horse has begun.

A little more care, a few extra moments of attention, can shift everything.

Can calm an anxious horse, or foster a budding connection.

Follow along with Andrea Wady, Equine Behavior Consultant, in 10 minutes spent with Lilly, and see how you can use these small changes with your horse.

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5 Responses

  1. I loved the session with Lilly entering the gate. This is exactly what I work on and do. It is a bit complicated being this patient and observant until it becomes second nature.
    Thank you for an always great learning session and not needing to take a day to do it! Ah, patience Marjorie

  2. Wow!
    Super super!
    What a lesson!
    For me it gets clearer and clearer that the focus must be on me, particularly on my emotions, rather then more technical issues such as body posture!
    Must be constantly aware of the anxiety and the anger that may arise when I get frustrated and feel like “it’s taking too long”!

  3. Perhaps it’s that my horse is NOT the same as this one. I expect my horse to stay with ME.I would not necessarily back off/anticipate when I perceive the horse will leave. I throw in a LOT of variety when I sense my horse’s attention will drift. I expect her attention to be on ME. While mine is just as anxious to head back to the barn and hay after turn out, She waits for me to put the halter on her buddy. Then listens when I go to put on hers. We ALWAYS wait a moment at the gate after I open it. Then we take ONE step forward. We get quite the dance going. Any time I see the attention drift I make a change. An abrupt halt, a step back, old woman walk, brisk walk, varying steps, change of direction. I don’t have a horse who is focused anywhere but on me.

  4. I am trying to establish a relationship with a new horse that is not trained well, is neglected really not ridden is idle, the owner does not do anything with the horse.
    He is very much in my space, mouthy, nippy, curious about everything. He is a lone horse, with no herd mates in his life.
    I have been trying the Horse Speak method, trying to communicate with him, pressure and release, not force anything, he doesn’t necessarily want the lead on.
    Today I had to remove myself because he was too nippy, in my space and I didn’t feel safe. I go daily, short periods.
    Any suggestions ?

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