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What is the “right” way to train? 

How do you know what is best for you and your horse when there are so many methods taught – many good but some not so good?

The truth is there is no “right” way to train. There are many right ways to train, and the best solution can vary depending on you, your horse, and the situation. 

This can seem frustrating, especially if you are still new to horses, or feeling overwhelmed by conflicting advice. 

To ease any overwhelm or frustration and help you ride and work with your horse in the best way possible, I want to share three principles of training that apply no matter what method or technique you use, discipline you ride, or level you are working at. 

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Remember – we have a special event starting this Monday, because riding is about more than your skills in the saddle. Just as your horse’s health and state of mind can make the difference between harmony or ending up in the mud, your own health and emotions play just as big of a role. 

So we are having a little fun with goal setting for the New Year, with our 5 Day Ride Like a Kid Challenge! You know you have watched kid’s ride with a bit of envy at their fun, carefree joy in the saddle, so bring that spirit to your own riding! 

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