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Listen in to a segment of the demonstration by Angelo Telatin and I on how the basics of learning theory can be applied to work through behavior problems.

We talk about how the principles of positive reinforcement, focusing on what you want, and how poor timing can actually cause many “bad” behaviors.

During the talk, you can also see how quickly horses learn, as our demo horse, Trix, learns to follow the target in only 5 min.


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13 Responses

  1. Thanks for the video Callie so interesting. The thing most for me is learning The patients and understanding what i am asking first. great to see you and Angelo hope to make it there on sunday

  2. With you and the training standing directly in front of the camera most of the time, it was nearly impossible to see what was happening.

  3. Can this reward for desired behavior be use to teach horse that clamps mouth shut when bittiing ? My rescue horse came with this problem
    Teeth have been ckd

    1. Yes, you could hold a small treat with the bit as you ask the horse to open their mouth. You can also ask for opening the mouth without the bit and bridle and feed a treat as soon as they open.

  4. Another great video, thank you. Question: how can you incorporate target training into ground and ridden work?

    1. You can use it in two main ways… First, think of it as a fun game to do with your horse getting them thinking, engaging with you, and interested. You can also use it to trigger things such as head down, stepping forward, or backing up. As they move to follow the target you would “mark”, using a click or a specific word, that new movement. Also, you incorporate the new cue, such as your hand on the poll for head down or a squeeze of your leg for stepping forward.

  5. That was explained so well, love your videos! One problem though, it was a bit hard to hear, especially when turned away from the camera. I know this was a live video, so were speaking to the crowd, but just something to keep in mind. We want to every word!
    Thanks again for your terrific videos:)

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