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Today, I have a simple challenge for you.

We all have times where we rush through life. We go through the motions of our day without pausing to take in the moments, and fully experience what we are doing.

When we do this with our horse, and during our riding time, we miss opportunities for connection and joy.

Watch the video below for a simple way to pause, then tell us… where will you take your extra 5 minutes?

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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

Your information is safe with us, learn how we use and process data in our Privacy Policy.

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32 Responses

  1. I just wish I could have your positive relax training for me and my horses, but since I’m so far away and battling cancer it would be hard but!! it’s so nice to have these videos they’re so wonderful and they really do seem to apply to just me, I’m always in a hurry get a treatment, to get to doctors to get here get to there.. my horses live with me so I do need to stop and take those five minutes, relax with them stress and hurry free ,,not always be rushed to get on the horse Or rush to feed or rush to groomer, rush this rush that! And you (me)know you’re doing this rushing unconsciously not a purpose but life today tends to make us rash , with this video makes it ,,, just makes you realize what you’re doing and what you (me) need to do to change and I like that, you’re very non-condescending, you’re truly are a great person and I really appreciate you and I’m sure everybody else does❤️

    1. Take those extra 5 minutes for you Katarina! I’m really glad you enjoyed this video and we will be thinking of you and your fight against cancer, we are so glad to have you as a part of this community.

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  2. Horses are such sensing creatures that we need to be reminded how they pick up on our subtle cues of tension and having our minds elsewhere. This is such a good exercise and a great “baby step” in being more present in our time with our horses or any other important being in our lives.

    1. Horses, especially very sensitive ones are great at picking up even the smallest cues!

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  3. It has been so hot is southern New Mexico I have been spending a lot more time just hanging out with the horses in their paddock rather than working them or riding them. I spent close to an hour the other night “helping” them pull hay out of the slow feed bag and feeding it to them out of my hand. It was ridiculously calming for me. Today they both wandered over to the edge of the paddock closest to the driveway as I was leaving for work. They have never done them before. They just stood there with their heads over the fence while I was driving out…so of course I had to stop and go say hi and kiss their noses before going to work. This may not actually be “adding 5 minutes” but definitely taught me that slowing down is a good thing.

    1. That is exactly the point Callie is talking about in the video Katrina! Great way to spend time when it is too hot (or too cold!) to ride 🙂

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  4. Today I have a lesson, I’m going to take that extra 5 minutes when I go to get her and spend a little time in the pasture to relax and slow down. Her friends always walk up together so take a few with them also. I always take my time grooming it’s a good way to find out how much energy Star has and just help her to relax and try to match each otners breathing.

  5. Had a great ride yesterday, but it was tiring as I ride in a National Park and there is a lot of wildlife – including predators like Bears and Coyotes. My horse Georgie alerted me to the Grizzley bear – but stupid human (me) made him head down that trail – saw the bear about 30 feet out and beat a retreat. Carried on in another direction, tho it was far from a relaxing ride. When I got home I spent that five minutes with the horses in the pasture. Watching the horse interact and greet each other and the young bull elk feeding just outside the fence. Was so cool and peaceful to see the Elk and Georgie nose to nose over the fence. This year with Covid19 there are no competitions and this gives us the gift of time to ‘be’.

    1. I think COVID19 has made so many of us take an extra 5 minutes in more than just one part of our lives! Thanks for sharing your comment Sandra!

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  6. Today I went into the pasture where my 3 were standing under some trees, with a stool to sit on.
    Just thinking i would sit quietly with them for a few minutes. They were very inquisitive as to what I was doing. So i decided to very lightly with a pen cap, to draw circles and zig zags on their rumps and sides and girth areas ! One liked it a lot, one liked some areas but was tickled in girth area, and one liked most areas except the saddle area, so this gave me some info that these particular areas need more of this kind of stimulation!
    we all found it quite relaxing.

    1. Good for you for noticing the different between the horses, they all like something a little different and being able to recognize them is key!

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  7. I will take this 5 minutes and breath. I know my horses feed off my anxiety so if I breath I know they feel it too. Thank you for your awesome site. I learn something new every day.

  8. I have my horse at my home so I can interact with her at any time, but your video made me stop to think if I could improve by adding the extra “5” to one of my regular activities…of course, yes I could do that…so what’s the plan then…??? I think I will spend the “5” doing some grooming after I do the evening feeding when she is eating, I have not done that.

    1. Spending an extra 5 minutes doing some grooming, as long as she enjoys that, is a great way to spend that extra time 🙂

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  9. Today my horse led me towards a gate that leads to an area with high grass outside her paddock on our way from the paddock to the arena. I decided to go out that gate and let her enjoy the high grass and make our way to the arena from a different direction while watching all that was going on in the farm fields. It was both really relaxing for both of us.

  10. I’ve been spending extra time before riding and after — hanging out in the paddock, looking around and just breathing together. After our rides, we’ve been taking a little time to graze and unwind mentally. My one mare is insulin resistant and cannot go out on pasture , so that’s our treat after work — she gets a bit of nice green grass, and I get the calming sound of my horse chewing and breathing. Thank you for the videos — they are making a difference that my trainer has noticed.

    1. Glad our videos have been helping you improve outside of your lessons!

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  11. great idea, we all struggle with slowing down, I know I sure do, tomorrow I will have a lovely chill day with the team:) thank you for the reminder!!

    1. We all need a reminder every now and then Robyn! Glad you enjoyed the video 🙂

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  12. I do all of the above!

    My horse comes running when she sees me and I stand and chat with her before I put her halter on. I always wait for her to tell me when she’s ready. She likes to look around first and enjoys scratches and my banter.

    I always either let her graze for 10-15 min or if it’s winter, eat some hay before tacking up. I may start grooming her in her stall or just hang out with her while she munches. I never rush tacking up.

    We always walk around the arena a couple of times and check out what may have been moved or what might be new before mounting. We walk for a good 15 min before any serious work.

    Then after we take our time getting untacked and either going back to her paddock or we’ll finish with some more hand grazing during the summer. In winter, we’ll do some stretches, extra grooming or just hang out for a little bit.

    I really value my time with my mare and make sure I have ample time before and after my rides. If I don’t have the extra time around a ride, we’ll do something else instead.

    1. Great job putting her needs in front of any agenda Carolyn!

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  13. I go to the field to catch my horse for riding; I carry the halter where he can see it and sit on a tire in the middle of the field; I wait for him to come to me. When he leaves his two buddies and comes to nuzzle me, I know he is willing to spend some time with me.

    1. Beautiful way to spend an extra 5 minutes (or more!) Patricia 🙂

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  14. I like to get to the barn and hour+ before my weekly lesson if possible as I like to take it slow and don’t want to be rushed. Grooming and tacking up is one of my favorite times with my horse. I greet my horse in the paddock and thanks to the liberty course with Andrea as well as other liberty work I have done, I walk up to my horse and we walk together to the gate. At the gate, I ask him if he is ready for the halter and then I put it on him. We get to the barn and the grooming begins. I have taught him to smile for a treat so we have some treats in between grooming. Once ready, we take a few walks around the indoor and then I put his bridle on. I have noticed that because I take my time and we have a relaxing time getting ready for the ride, he is much more willing and ready for our lesson. I think the consistency helps too as he knows exactly what to expect. I absolutely love my horse and my time with him, so I try to make our time together enjoyable for both of us and all of this work helps with our connection. At the end of the day, I care most about our connection. Our riding is getting better as our connection has gotten stronger. Thanks Callie for another great video- slowing down and doing things slowly pays off over time.

    1. Captain is lucky to have you as his owner, I remember your love of grooming and taking the extra time to get ready to ride from when you were taking lessons with us Nancy!

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

  15. I have owned my horse for just under 14 years and I have always given him the time he needs, whether that’s in the barn, under saddle or in his pasture. I don’t ride him when it’s 95 and humid. I bring my chair to his stall front and sit with him until it’s time for him to eat dinner. He has a stall guard, so he likes to hang his head out and engage with me. On the evenings when I have a lesson, I am at the barn about 1.5 hrs before, so I can make sure he has eaten and can have all my tack ready for when its time to tack up. He gets a good grooming and then I take about 20 minutes to actually put all of his tack on, so it goes slowly and gently. I am on him 15 minutes before our lesson so he can walk around the arena and relax. I give him time to gawk at anything he wants to see. By the time my trainer arrives, he is relaxed, warmed up and ready to go. We spend a lot of time just hanging out, whether it’s sitting with him or hand-grazing him. He rarely gets stressed or spooked, but when he does, I will let him just stand or walk–whatever he decides–until he relaxes. I wouldn’t ever want to change the way we partner.

  16. Thanks Callie. Love the video. All are very nice suggestions, I have tried them all and it has helped Mandala, the mare I work with, to connect and be more attentive to me. I am a strong believer in CRK way of thinking, I want to enjoy and grow in my practice feeling that she is working relaxed with me, not forced. And , yes, when I ride it gives me more confidence and the sensation we are a team.

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