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Whether you travel to shows and ride in busy warm up arenas or you ride with one or two other riders at your local barn, knowing and practicing good arena etiquette is essential for staying safe.

In today’s video, I give 6 tips for staying safe and being courteous to others when riding in a group.

Here are a a few questions I will be cover in this video:

– How to pass a slower rider
– How to pass a rider going the opposite direction to avoid a collision
– Jumping with multiple riders in the arena

Do you have any other tips to add? Put them below!

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11 Responses

  1. I would like to add a comment about entering and leaving the arena through the gate when other horses are schooling. Recognize that opening the gate may be a “magnet” for other horses. Take a look at what the others are doing and be considerate or even check that this would be an okay time to open the gate and enter. Don’t impede the movement of another horses and be considerate particularly of horses headed toward the gate.

  2. Very informative advice about arena equitette. I knew the left to left rule, but not the one about jumping. On our livery if you put a couple of jumps up, you are expected to take them away if another person comes into the arena. I find this very rude and what you have explained seems so much more courteous and mannerly. I would have thought the rules you have explained should rule across the board, but obviously not where my horse is stabled. Love your videos, watch them cosying up on sofa most nights and have gained loads of brilliant tips and advice from you. You explain things brilliantly.

  3. How about this basic safety rule to avoid kicking or being kicked: Always keep at least a horse’s length between you and the horse in front of you, and don’t ride up quickly behind another horse to avoid causing it to spook or kick.

  4. This is wonderful, Callie! So many of these tips we beginners learn “on-the-go”, no one tells you ahead of time. Great to know that what I do is right. 🙂

  5. In the riding school i ride at, slower riders move onto the inside track and those in a faster gait use the outside track. I’m in UK , so could that explain the difference?

    Keeping the space of the one horses length needs to apply to proximity to other horses in the arena in all directions , sideways as well as when travelling behind. I had another class member back his horse right into my horse’s head when he was setting off from the middle of the school (we were all standing in the centre listening to the instructor before commencing the next exercise). Awareness of where your horse is going and who is next to you, not cutting up other riders and erring on the side of caution would be good!

  6. Thanks Callie for your safty etiquette tips for the arena! Next time I’d love you to address safety etiquette tips while riding on trail in a large group. I was caught up in a group where the lead rider stirred up a wasp nest and bees swarmed, it was a nightmare, horses & riders got stung, luckily no one got kicked or seriously hurt. But, I was not sure what I should do. My horse lost it mentally from all the commotion. I initiated the 1 Rein stop along with bending and moved her back out of the way of others. Very scary! Thanks for your knowledge & input! Suzanne

  7. Please comment on others who feel the need to talk on cells phones
    or text while on their horse as they are walking or standing in the arena
    and not paying attention to other riders.

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