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Here in the US, today is the Thanksgiving Holiday, a day that is all about togetherness and gratitude.

I was trying to think of something I could share with you today, so I created a video on a simple but effective habit I do that has had a huge impact on my riding and training (and a lot of other areas in life too.)

There are even scientific studies to prove the emotional and physical benefits of this habit.


Thanks for watching! I have several other free videos available for you from my Training Journals program. Sign up here to access the videos

Finally, leave a comment with three things you are grateful for today!

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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

Your information is safe with us, learn how we use and process data in our Privacy Policy.

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5 Responses

    1. I honestly don’t have a strong opinion. It depends on the type of work I am doing with the horse, if I am using a lot of eye contact then I would go without them.

  1. Hi Callie,

    I always liked your videos more than others simply because you take time to explain the background and the reasons why and when a particular aid/style/habit is required. I also like it because your videos are with you riding English style and not Western (though you are from the US). I am from India and am taking horse riding classes since around a year. My instructor says that my posting trot is OK and now I am trying a bit of canter. I would really like to learn to half-halt. I suspect that I have done this without me being aware of but I would like to practice it consciously. Thanks and regards, Sathya

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sathya! I am glad you enjoy the blog. I appreciate the suggestion for the half halt video too!

  2. Hello! I recently found you on youtube when I was searching around and I caught a lot of interest in this video! I am 14 years old and got a 7 year old green mare put on my shoulders! I have been having difficultly, with her and then I started watching your videos today and I’m going to go try some things I learned she is a very NOT forward horse and This simple habit is honestly helpful! I did she this video today, but it’s putting me in a happier more hopeful mindset! I am thinking more about the positives then the negatives of how my mare is growing! I love your blogs and they are so inspiring to me to try harder each day! Thank you so much for making these videos and taking time out of your day to do this! -Ashley

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