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3 Questions to Reflect on your riding

The New Year, as a symbolic period of ending and new beginning, is a time to reflect. 

On success, special moments, and lessons learned. The experiences that make up the fabric of the year past, and the dreams we can imagine for the year ahead. 

Join me in a simple 3 step process to close out this past year, and to set your riding intention and path for the new year.

Click play below to watch the video

Happy Holidays! 


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33 Responses

  1. Looking forward to the entire webinar. I especially am looking for how I will be able to dream about the experiences that I would love to do. Thank you for your continued efforts to help horses and their people to grow and be better 😊

  2. This video got me in the feels. I am sorry for your loss this year. It really puts how fragile life is, into perspective and how taking the time to make sure you make your moments in life count, is essential.

    I can not wait until Jan 13th.

    I love the holistic wheel! I need to dig deep to create time for myself in the saddle this year, and to launch my Massage business too. I have a lot to look forward to and am hopeful for a beautiful year.

    I also pictured my husbands horse galloping down a field and breaking into a rodeo. All I could do was laugh. A great reminder to bring more JOY. The moments that stick aren’t always the most glamorous – but still make a huge impact. LoL

  3. I want to say a huge THANK YOU, Callie for giving so much of yourself to educating all of us horse lovers/owners. You have provided a wealth of information and instruction in such a beautiful and easy to understand way. Just THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I look forward to continuing to be educated in 2022 with your gift and love of horses. I’m deeply sorry for your loss of the two wonderful horses, Molly & Ace. I immediately recognized them remembering the videos you shared using with them. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement in regards to me taking your “Balanced Riding” course. Thank you for everything in 2021 and here’s to a wonderful 2022 with our best friends.

  4. Happy New Year, Callie! At the risk of writing a novel (I always find your tutorials so thought-provoking and inspiring), I think my happiest memory from 2021 was discovering you and Horse Class, along with the use I am making of your book to make each session with Pistache count and winning a prize for my video about the book!
    One of my simplest positive memories is just the sheer joy I get when Pistache greets me and comes enthusiastically towards me when she sees me.
    As for dreams…I want to increase my bond/communication with her…and to be more CALM when riding. (I sometimes forget to breathe!) Thank you for your brilliant instruction and guidance. Xxx

  5. Since I’m on a riding break at the moment until post-holiday/post New Year’s, I really enjoyed the first part — going back and remembering some riding memories that were thrilling and satisfying during my lessons in November made me feel wonderful and connected again to riding although I haven’t been on a horse since November 6th. My dream is to continue to grow in confidence and ride the canter this year, 2022, and enter a Walk-Trot-Canter show at the local level and just use that experience to soak up the joy and the challenge and the satisfaction of it all. A big dream. The part of the wheel I want to learn about is the feet/farrier/hooves – one day I want to own my own horse and I think that would be a crucial area to know about and be comfortable with. Love this train of thought I’m on! thanks Callie.

    1. Hi Pamela I identify with your message. My horse is away on spell ATM until Jan 16th. Missing him so much. Thank god for horse class to give me a bit of a horsey ‘fix’ and help me set some new goals for next year..

  6. My fondest memory from last year was when I was lounging 2 of my horses. After lounging them and taking them off of the lead rope, they followed me around the pasture. That made me feel a true connection with them.
    Focus for next year is improving my riding skills especially on my hard to handle morgan mare. I am looking forward to your seminar and want you to know that this tutorial very inspiring. Thank You

  7. Thanks for this video. I don’t have much time for riding. Today was a free day, but so busy at home that I couldn’t go to the barn. It made me feel very sad until now. Watching this video helped me to realize I solved some issues, especially the environment and saddle fitting, in 2021.
    So my goal in 2022 is to find more time for riding, and go out for a hack alone.
    Thanks, once again, for your help and positive energy. And thanks to… I think it’s Wendy (sorry if I’m mistaken), the lady showing how to move with the skeleton. She made me understand how my hips should move in canter. After 23 years of riding, it was about time, wasn’t it ?

  8. Hi,

    I Am really sorry for your losses. I Am a professional dog breeder in France (Cocker Spaniels). Me too I lost a puppy and some important friends this year. It was a hard year for me. But as well the year that I begun to ride horses, an old dream.

    So this is the positive being in touch with horses!

    I wish you and your team a Happy 2022!

  9. I LOVE the reflection exercise! What a great visual—having the negative fall to the floor and positive memories float up.

  10. Thank you. I plan to be present on the 13th.
    My focus, I am going to continue working on feel and doing more with the aids becoming softer and softer and in time hopefully down to breath and thought.

  11. In Feb, I had a panic attack when my leased horse started bolting. For months, I forced myself to go to the barn 3 times a week to lesson and ride on a beginner horse. I also rewatched previous HorseClass lessons. (I love that I can rewatch Wendy, Callie, and others!) 2 weeks ago, thanks in part to HorseClass, I got back on that horse and cantered him. I felt that magic from the Shakespeare quote, “When I bestride him, I soar…” Thank you for accompanying me on this journey and looking forward to next year with you!

  12. Happy New Year, thank you for sharing your knowledge and learning to us, I had some great rides on my horse Kash at the start of last year, on our sons farm, even had my adult son riding beside on our daughters horse, great memories. Thats the kind of riding I love and want to be doing more of. I have the best horse, I can get him out of the paddock after not riding for months and go for a quite ride and he is so well behaved, I would really love to find more time to ride him, that is my goal this year. Also to come a more balanced rider. 💜

  13. Great video.A reflection and appreciation of your own horses shared with us and could feel the emotion in your presentation.Wonderful job thankyou.And yes,you are raising my own awareness of my approach to my riding and horse care!

  14. Thank you so much for this valuable Horse Class which I have discovered recently. I also purchased your book! I too lost my beloved horse many years ago, so now I ride at a barn I love, on many different horses (though I have my favorites). My dream is to do better in my cantering, which now, after gaining more confidence and having positive experiences with my riding, I feel that I can accomplish with my cantering. Sometimes I just need a push and a challenge as I am not an aggressive rider, but I find I can do so much more when I don’t hold back! Happy New Year to all of you!

  15. Happy New Year Callie!
    Thank you for the wonderful video.
    I am most excited about the opportunities of the New Year. I am looking forward to being able to do a ride along the beach — a long time desire.

  16. As a professional musician (singer) I have suspected for many years that horses respond to vocal music and music in general. Now it has been proven that singing and humming is a healthy habit. It brings the heart rate and stress levels down in people who use this method. It creates a meditative state. I find that when I discover tension in my horse on a particular day and we have the indoor arena to ourselves, playing a CD of David Foster’s Eleven, or one of Andrea Bocelli’s CD’s instantly calms him. He also likes me to sing to him while I’m grooming him. If we are outdoors I will also sing to him. This might not work for everyone but it surely works for me. When I sing he knows that I’m in a good frame of mind and all will go well.
    You said that you are in PA. Where abouts are you? I would like to attend a clinic if you are close enough.

  17. Happy New Year Callie, and thank you for the video! My dream for the coming year is to have relaxing, fun rides on Peggy Sue in the mountains and forests where I live, looking at the world between her great big red mammoth donkey ears!

  18. First, very sorry for your loss. Re goal setting (I may have lost track of your specific questions), this may be the first time I have been able to formulate my hopes/dreams into a goal and realize they don’t have to be big goals to be goals. My immediate goals are to have a better relationship with all of my horses and ride my 7 yr old mare, regularly – trail ride, eventually. My 14 yr old mare experiences a great deal of anxiety when I attempt to tack her up. With her, I will work on trust between us and doing more to show her it’s not all work when she is with me. Eventually, I will evaluate what changes are needed with her tack and reintroduce that to her.

  19. My heart is full. Thank you, Callie, for ALL that you share and give to us. I look forward to watching your new video. My goal is to ‘develop’ strong confident leadership skills and to ‘feel’ 100% trust connection.
    I send you my sincerest ‘heartfelt’ condolences for your loss of Molly and Ace.

  20. Happy New Year, Callie! What a great video to prepare us for success in the New Year 2022! I am looking forward to the seminar on January 13th! With all my heart, I am very sorry to hear of the passing of your two special horses, Ace and Molly. You had them for such a long time and have so many precious memories that I know you will treasure forever! I appreciate how you feel grateful for the time you had with them as well as their part in making HorseClass what it is today. The idea of opportunities and dreaming what could be….that struck me the most of the three areas you talked about in the video. I would love to experience (again) riding on the beach; going on a riding vacation in a beautiful setting; improving my strength, flexibility and balance in spite of back pain; I would love to learn how to ride without bridle or saddle and enjoy the freedom and fun it would bring; and perhaps one day attend a seminar or live class at Honey Brook Farm! I look forward to continuing learning more and more about understanding / relating to our horses and about experiencing improvement in my riding skills and perhaps get involved in more trick training. Words cannot express how much I thank you for the lessons, videos, and courses you have shared with the HorseClass community. You have touched many lives and we are grateful!! Wising you the very best in 2022!!

  21. Happy New Year, Callie. Sorry for your losses. I would like to thank you for helping me create self sufficiency in my riding. I have had may fill of stressing instructors and now I just want to peacefully enjoy my beautiful Westfallen mare who due to an injurie can no longer jump. I use your book as a guideline to organize my work. It has been great! I look forward to the January 13th, webinar.

  22. I lost my husband and my horse within 2 months of each other in 2020.Loss is difficult, but it opens doors to change and growth. I am thankful to have found this site and I am thankful I am at a horse barn riding lesson horses with owner-instructors who care for horses and people. I am not trotting so much better than I ever have and hope to canter soon. Mostly, I want for riding to be natural, like driving a car, not something where I have to concentrate on every step. Then I can enjoy the ride as well as the process.

  23. Thank you Callie, My dream is two fold one is to be comfortable cantering again in open fields the second is to be jumping & im striving to get over show jitters for dressage, If not… just to be Happy doing dressage with My OWN horse … until then practicing everything I have learned on my lease horse.

    Thank you again. I am sorry I will be missing the seminar in the 13th. I am working 2nd shift due to holidays no way I can get out of work then. Thank you for the opportunities & confidence you have given me this far. Happy New Year!🤗

  24. Thank you Callie, My dream is two fold one is to be comfortable cantering again in open fields the second is to be jumping some.

    Thank you again. I am sorry I will be missing the seminar in the 13th. I am working 2nd shift due to holidays no way I can get out of work then. Thank you for the opportunities & confidence you have given me this far. Happy New Year!🤗

  25. Happy New Year Callie and All!
    I love your instruction and posts. I look forward to the 13th and many times after that to grow and be a better horsewoman.
    Thank you so much!

  26. I savored every moment of my bareback rides every week at a beautiful ranch this past year. It lasted until June when the horse I had been shareboarding was sold. I was so sad to lose him, but I am also grateful Ī never took a single moment for granted while riding him.

  27. Thank you for this inspiration. I am so sorry for the loss of your two beautiful horses. How old were Molly and Ace? What happened? It is so wonderful that you provided them with great lives. 2022 is going to be better.

  28. Thank you so much for your help, Callie. Your advice has been priceless. I’ll continue looking forward to your seminars and am wishing you and your team a very Happy New Year!

  29. My dream is to become close to my horse. That our bond would be very strong and she will enjoy being with me as much as I love being with her. To ride as one enjoy ourselves out in nature.

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