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From years of teaching riding I have noticed that there are some common mistakes made by a lot of new riders. Even the small things like how you hold the reins and sit in the saddle make a big difference in your riding. So in this week’s video, I go over the common mistakes I see riders making and show you how to correct them. Click play to watch the video below!

Are you guilty of any of these riding mistakes? Are there any other things that you do or you see other people doing? Tell me in the comments below!


Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

Your information is safe with us, learn how we use and process data in our Privacy Policy.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Callie! Thanks for the video. It helped me recognize a few things that I’m guilty of…
    I’m not necessarily a new rider, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say I’m a beginner. I don’t have horses, so I don’t ride a lot. I used to ride my grandparents’ horses every summer when I was littler, and I started taking some lessons a few years ago, but my instructor isn’t the best, and I don’t take lessons very frequently anymore. (I think the last lesson I’ve taken was about six months ago).
    I have to say, I am definitely guilty of multiple things that you mentioned in your video. Your demonstration made me realize that I was doing a few things wrong.
    I’m trying to find a new place to take lessons, so I’ve been doing research on that, as well as research on how to ride better and have better horsemanship skills. I stumbled across one of your videos on Youtube, and it was so informative and clear. It led me to your blog, and I have definitely learned a lot from you already. Thank you!
    Another thing that I personally am guilty of, and some others might be guilty of, is using my hands and the reins too much. I know you are supposed to use your hands, but I’ve heard that your legs are supposed to do a lot of the work. It makes sense, but I still am a little confused about how much you are supposed to use your hands versus using your legs.

    1. Hi Anya,

      I like to think of using the reins only as backup to my seat and leg when I need something else to balance the horse or help them understand what I want. My goal with each horse I train is to do only what is necessary or helpful to the horse with the reins, but I want to have cues from my body in place for everything including stop and move sideways. I have not yet figured out how to achieve roundness and collection without the help of rein cues, but I am working on it!

  2. I found a excellent book on the fundamentals of riding . I wish
    1-instructor encouraged the book
    2-instructor rode for me before I even sat on a horse, showed me seat, posture, legs, turning. Everything step by step.
    3- gave me visual feedback. mirror is great, even a phone video
    4- touch feedback. See how it feels when I move your legs too far forward etc.
    5-I’m new and slow tacking the horse so it didn’t give me enough riding time during my one hour lesson.

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to write the name of the book but it is excellent!

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