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“We each have within us our own best teacher that recognizes what is best for our own well being.” This is what I love about Wendy Murdoch’s teaching style – she has a unique way of helping both horse and rider discover where they are most balanced and comfortable.

Wendy interview

Wendy has a long list of accomplishments. She has authored several books, produced numerous DVDs and is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner.   Wendy is also an international riding instructor and clinician and even owns an equestrian safari company in Kenya!

While I have only worked with Wendy a few times now, I have consumed much of her published material and have developed a deep appreciation for her style of work. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do an interview with Wendy, and share some of her insights with you.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in the following video:

  • With all your years of teaching, what is one of the most common mistakes you see riders making? (turns out Wendy doesn’t like the word mistake)
  • What are recommendations for riders returning to riding after injures?
  • How can a person stay riding fit even if they can’t ride as often as they want?
  • What is Sure-Foot and how does sticking a pad under a horse’s hoof help him become more balanced?

Watch the video to hear Wendy’s responses to the above questions and a few more. After watching, leave a comment then check out the links to Wendy’s resources under the video.

Please excuse the grainy appearance of this video – we had to make do with our lighting that day.

Resources Mentioned in this video:

Wendy’s Website:

Wendy’s Facebook:

The Feldenkrais Method:

The Not-So-Frequent Rider: An Article by Wendy on Practicing Your Riding… Without Riding


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13 Responses

  1. This was such a relevant video for me. I’m finding all of Callile’s videos very usable, having started back riding after some 40 years and just needing bite size refreshers and new insights.

  2. Great interview! Wendy’s comments made so much sense to me. I’m 73, have had back surgery, have 3 joint replacements, and have scoliosis. Did I mention that I’ve fallen off my horse too? I wanted to put my horse in the trailer immediately and drive 3,000 miles to meet with both of you! That being not possible, I’ll check out her website. Thanks so much, Callie, for another super video!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Nancy! Wendy does quite a bit of travel, so I don’t know where you are located, but check out her clinic schedule on her website!

    1. Hi Christiane,
      Wendy sells them as a set on her website with her Sure-Foot DVD. I had already bought her DVD so I got mine on Amazon – the Thera Band brand.

  3. Hi Callie,
    I enjoyed your interview with Wendy Murdoch, which was my first introduction to her and her training methods. Her ideas made so much sense to me and apply to my riding challenges. Thanks for sharing this great interview.

  4. Hi Callie,
    I enjoyed this interview and the links/resources you provided at the end. The Feldenkrais method is very interesting to me ~ it makes a lot of sense that this method would enhance ones ability to become a better rider. What I enjoyed about this video is that we can work on becoming a better rider when we aren’t riding…I like that! Knowing that I can use other methods to improve my riding, even though at this time I only ride once a week. Thanks for another great video.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Nancy. The Feldenkrais method is very interesting. I had one of these sessions with Wendy back in the fall and I’m not quite sure how to describe it but it definitly brought more awareness to different areas of my body.

  5. Wow, it’s as if you designed this interview and content just for me!! I’m really feeling positive and excited about getting back to riding my horse again following injuries and surgery!!!

  6. Wendy has given the absolute best advice on how to choose a riding instructor. It made so much sense to me after going through months of frustration with my current teacher and gave me the push I needed to try a change. Thank You!

  7. thanks again for sharing such wonderful material, I’m totally hooked. Hadn’t encountered Wendy b4, but will be sure to in the future.
    best regards

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