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Last year, I was introduced to a new product line for horse owners – an all-natural, environmentally friendly collection of horse care products that includes everything from shampoos to mane and tail detanglers. I loved not just the idea but also the products themselves, because unlike some other natural alternatives I had tried, these products actually worked.

The company is called Ecolicious and they are based in Canada. I have been wanting to talk to the owner and founder of this small start up company ever since I discovered her products – I was so curious to know how she found the idea for an all natural equine product line, how she developed the products, and what kind of research she had done that must have drove her to be so passionate about “clean and green” products.

petraPetra, Founder of Ecolicious


I finally had my chance to interview Petra McGowan – owner and founder of Ecolicious Equestrian – and get the answers to my questions!  I was also excited to share this interview with you, so you can listen in at the link below.  Of course we talk about Petra’s products, but I think one of the best parts of the interview was towards the end, where Petra shares some of her philosophy and its not just about selling product, but in thinking critically about problems we are faced with and the fact that we “need to start listening more to ourselves.”

I am also very excited to share that I recently started carrying Ecolicious products as an official vendor – I started out just offering them to people at my barn, but now the products are on my website and I can offer them to you as well!

If you are interested in Ecolicious, visit this link to see all of my favorite products.



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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

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  1. Callie, I have watched the video on Ecolicious products and want to order the two you have featured but can’t find a place to put in an order. Please , can you explain where I can order. Thanks, Judy

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