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I know this is a basic topic, but addressing the little details of horsemanship that are often overlooked or not well-explained is what my blog is all about!

I have received several emails lately where people have shared that their biggest problem is haltering. Either they just feel awkward trying to put it on, or the horse walks away or simply puts his head up too high. All of these problems can be solved by just using a slightly different technique to put the halter on.

In today’s video, I share exactly what that technique is for putting the halter on your horse. Some of you may already do it this way, and for others this may make one step of handling your horse just a bit easier!

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11 Responses

  1. Hey Callie,
    Thanks for posting this 🙂 I am one of those people who has a hard time haltering my horse. I think for me it’s more in catching her than the actual process of putting on the halter. It has been going much better since I’ve been using a rope around her neck (like you demonstrated). At first I would get the rope around her neck and she would take off, not just moving forward in the walk but taking off 🙁 As soon as I gained the confidence and new that it was something she wasn’t used to and maybe it was spooking her I was able to use a little bit more pressure then release to hold on to her and she would stop and stay put (after many tries). After giving her some praise and scratches for stopping and being calm I would present the halter and she would be good in letting me halter her. At first, I would leave the halter on her for about 5min and then go back out and take it off. Showing her that nothing bad is going to happen. Then after 15-20min go back and put it back on, maybe this time, leave the rope around her neck and bring some brushes and brush her (she loves being brushed). I think it’s the first step to gaining that trust and respect. I’ve heard that if you can’t catch, halter, groom and clean your horses feet, you have no business riding them.
    Thanks again!!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Kristy,
      You did exactly what I would have done too – changing your horse’s view of what happens when the halter goes on to something more positive!
      I agree that if a person isn’t comfortable with the basics of handling a horse, there will be more chance for trouble when they go to ride.

  2. Hi Callie,
    Hope you are doing well.
    OMG that is my problem!. I could never do that. The horse does exactly what you have just explained .
    i am watching all the videos and you are awesome in what you are doing and explaining!!! I learn a lot from you!!
    Thank you so much for your fabulous videos!
    Much love to you!

  3. Great video! Along these lines, any tips for bridling with a bit more “finesse”? My horse takes the bridle fine, but I’m always concerned about scratching her eye or squashing an ear trying to slip it on.

  4. Hi Callie,
    Such a good topic and great video. I also teach my students this method of haltering. Some of the lesson horses do try to leave during the haltering process and that rope around the neck is key to that early control. Often a student tries to put the nose in first and then can’t figure out how to buckle it, they forget to hand themselves the strap first.

  5. Great video! Are there any halters available that are better designed for this method – clip on the crown piece instead of the throat piece to make it easier to secure (rather than fussing with a buckle)?

  6. OK but what you do when you can’t catch the horse in order to put the rope around his neck in order to halter him? My horse never wants to come in from the pasture where he’s eating and as soon as I start to approach him he moves away. if I so much as Lift the rope to put around his neck He trots off briskly. The catching process can last forever. The only solution I found is to tempt him with a carrot or some treat and then he allows me to put the rope around his neck and adjust the halter. I would like to avoid this blackmail. any suggestions?

    1. Hi Meggan,
      Thanks for your comment and I think this would be a great topic for a future blog video, as the process I use for hard to catch horses is simple, but still tough to accurately describe in text! Thanks for the idea for another video!

      1. Hi Callie,

        I am wondering did you ever do a video on the process to catch a hard to catch horse? My horse is suddenly hard to catch (she had a few big spooks whilst being tied up which I think is the problem) but I am finding her hard to catch now.


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