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After posting the video on applying wraps last month, I received several questions about horse boots – when should boots be used, what kind is best, and how do you put them on? So I dug through my boxes at the barn and picked out a few popular styles of boots to talk about in today’s video. Boots can be very useful in protecting and supporting your horse’s legs, but it is important to know how to put them on correctly and what the purpose is for different styles of boots, so that is exactly what I talk about! We will be going over galloping boots, sport boots, and jumping boots. There are many other styles of boots on the market, so after watching the video leave a comment with when and why you use boots on your horse and if you have a brand you would recommend.

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5 Responses

  1. I put boots on my horse because I saw a video clip wherein it replicated the impact of the back hoof striking the front leg. The impact snapped the tendon. My dressage coach also saw this video clip and encourages the use of boots for the purpose of preventing such an injury.
    I have heard that the constant use of polo wraps for the purpose of protection can have a negative affect in that it does not promote strengthening. I’d love to hear your view on this.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Wow! I had never heard of this extreme of an injury from a horse striking himself! I have heard the same thing in regards to polo wraps, but I really don’t have an opinion since I have not used them enough to notice a difference either way.

  3. My senior horse 17 is starting to do more advanced dressage moves i.e. leg yields and flying lead changes. He has unusually large feet (size 5 horse shoe). Would polo wraps or boots be best for his protection while training?
    Just don’t want him to be injured and want to give him some support.

    Thank you so much for the technique videos on leg wraps.

    1. Hi Mary Ann, glad you enjoyed the videos! The answer is either, boots are easier and quicker to apply, but wraps fit the style if dressage and can help support when applied correctly.

  4. Cheryl,
    My uncle has trained horses for as long as I can remember. Your comment reminded me of one of his horses. It kicked a bit forward quite regularly and my uncle did just as you suggested as “a leg not as strong as it could be is better than a snapped tendon”. I guess it’s a case by case basis. Some people are heavily pigeon-toed, some horse may kick themselves. I’m sure you have good instincts and your horse’s health as a priority and will make the best call for it.
    Callie, Thanks for the video! My uncle is the horse whisperer, I just visit and love to watch him work. This was very informative!

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