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I will confess – I used to look pretty sloppy when I was at the barn. Think old tee shirts, baggy ripped jeans, or those breeches that come up to your ribs. I had this attitude that “it’s going to get dirty and ruined anyway, so why wear anything nice.” Well finally my boyfriend had an intervention and I started dressing better for the barn. I went out and got some nice polos and athletic shirts and stocked up on all types of breeches. What I quickly found out is that not only did it make me feel better to look polished and professional, but that those nice clothes I bought actually held up really well! (Big surprise here – you usually get what you pay for!)

So in the end, Kerrits brand riding apparel is fast becoming my go to choice for breeches. But my all-time favorive is their Flow Rise Performance Riding Tight.

Summer is my busy season, and I ride a lot of horses in the July and August heat. After trying numerous summer riding tights, Kerrits takes the prize as my favorite. These breeches are super lightweight and breathable. Besides that though, it’s really the little things on these breeches that make them stand out. Like the 2” elastic waistband that is really comfortable (think yoga pants) and the stitching down the front that somehow just makes them look so much more stylish and flattering. They also have super soft but grippy knee patches. I have one pair for two seasons now and they have held up great, even though I am pretty tough on them, not just riding, but handling hay bales, bathing horses, fixing fence… I wear my Kerrits for everything.

I don’t know about you, but if I at least have a stylish pair of breeches on like these, instead of my really old plain jane breeches or the dirty, ripped jeans I actually don’t mind walking into a gas station or store in my riding duds smelling like a horse.

So I like the classic look, so I have a pair of tan and a pair of black Kerrits Flow Rise tights, but if you are a little more adventurous in your colors they have saffron, navy, and eggplant, as well as four two-tone options.

I stuck a link to Amazon below if you want to grab a pair now, before we have to break out the fleece lined winter breeches! 1234711


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Daily exercises for an immovable seat, steady hands, and a happier horse

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