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As riders, we want to be the best we can for our horses.

It can feel as though there just isn’t enough time to ride at the level we wish we could.

There is so much to learn, so many skills to master. 

But if we pause, and are honest, the best moments are often those where we aren’t trying so hard. The moments where we are just enjoying time with our horse, going with the flow of the ride. 

This is January 1. The beginning of a new year, and the fresh start many have been craving after the challenges of 2020. Whether you are thinking about goals and resolutions for this new year, or you take things day by day, what is the balance you find between striving to meet your goals and still enjoying the moment?

Here’s how I look for this balance, with an example of how it can work with a specific goal – smooth canter transitions. 

Hit play below to watch the video! 

P.S. We have a challenge coming up next week… our Ride Like a Kid Challenge

As we go into the beginning of this new year, everyone is talking about goals and resolutions. But goal setting can get too serious! And especially after this past year, let’s have a little more fun! 

If you want to remember what it was like to Ride Like a Kid, click here and join us! 

Meet your goals while enjoying every stride of the way

Every moment matters

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10 Responses

  1. You could have been reading my mind. My sole New Years resolution has been to mindfully live today and leave tomorrow to tomorrow. This fits that mindset perfectly. Having a general direction to head in without the pressure of a timeline. I’m all in.

  2. I signed up for one of your classes, exercise I think, to be a better rider. Got busy with the holidays and I need to find that. Where do I look???

  3. Love this week’s video! I am often in my head when riding and analyzing the details of how I can become a better rider. I miss some great moments with my horse because I am too caught up in my own thoughts. To help myself reset, I try to laugh (at myself, a funny memory, something my horse is doing or something going on around me). The laughter helps me relax, breathe and take in the moment. I can then reset for me and my horse.

    1. Love this Heidi! Sometimes a good belly laugh is all we need to brighten a mood 🙂

      -Julia, HorseClass Support

  4. Hello – I signed up and paid for the Stay in the Saddle book – received on line access but never received the physical book.
    I bought it the first day Callie announced it! It’s an important part of my goal planning this year!

    1. I am so sorry for the delay in shipping and sincerely apologize. We are very disappointed as well, as the printer promised us shipping the same day and 3-5 days shipping speed. Once orders were in it was too late to switch 🙁 Your tracking link is here:9449011899220060181420.

      Have you been able to login to the portal to use the digital book in the meantime? You can login here: (if you don’t remember the auto password sent, you can use “Forgot Your Password” to reset it).

      -Julia, HorseClass Support

  5. Thank you for this lesson, very true. Each step done well, is one step closer to our goals.
    As always very informative.

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