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This summer I have been very lucky to host several clinics with Angelo Telatin (including one coming up next weekend), an international clinician, professor at a local college, and one of only 64 British Horse Society Fellows. I was intrigued by Angelo’s bridleless riding, both in show jumping and dressage, as well as his approach to horsemanship through understanding equine learning theory. After the first clinic at my farm in May, I ( along with everyone at my barn who attended that clinic) was amazed by his insights into horse behavior as well as his excellent ability as an instructor.

I would love to share the whole clinic with you because I learned so much from it, but instead I edited out a few clips from that first weekend that I believe you will really enjoy! The first is about positive reinforcement, and how this powerful mode of learning can be at work when we don’t intend it – such as during feeding time! The second video is a few clips from the riding sessions of the clinic (including my lesson) where Angelo discussed riding position as well as very important training concepts.

Here is the link for my farm website for more information on the next clinic:


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