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I love collaboration. The idea that two minds are stronger than one.

A few weeks ago I introduced two minds, two people, that have had a huge impact on my riding, training, and teaching – Angelo Telatin and Wendy Murdoch.

These are two instructors that I have worked with for years separately and I often heard them telling the same message, but in different ways.

When I finally had the opportunity to introduce Angelo and Wendy I had a list of questions I could have asked them, turns out I didn’t have to ask many questions at all, just get them started and then sit back and listen to their brilliance.

From starting riders the right way to a teacher’s responsibility, to defining moments in their careers, I think you will find this discussion fascinating as well as educational.


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19 Responses

  1. Hi Callie
    Not posted here yet but I found it on YouTube. Thank you for bringing these two wonderful teachers together!

  2. what a great thing you did getting these 2 wonderful teacher/trainers in the same room having a very interesting conversation that we got to watch!!

  3. Great interview! Love to watch and hear more discussions like this. Thanks Callie for bringing these two great teachers together.

  4. Such a useful point to make about the sensitivity of fingers, hands, eyes, etc. , for humans when one primary vehicle for physical communication is our seat, our pelvis. I really enjoy thinking about the connections between Angelo and Wendy’s comments and the information on the female saddle offered by Jochen Schleese as well as Caroline Rider’s ideas pertaining to one’s emotional connection with one’s horse. Melding all of this together is very fruitful! Angelo’s example about Willie makes perfect sense – because I am not keenly focused as much as my horse is reading my “messages”, I’m “mis-teaching” her behaviors that she’s so eagerly willing to do. It’s eye-opening to understand more than ever how generous our horses really are. Thank you Callie!

  5. LOVE you guys!!! PLEASE do this again in the near future….
    Questions from the peanut gallery would be great too. Hint, hint!

  6. ah thanks to both Angelo and Wendy plus yourself Callie. Nuggets of wisdom thanks. Started with a new instructor and it is as though she was taught by you the way she is teaching me. Much appreciated.

  7. Initially, I couldn’t get the video either but checked today and got it! What a great and fun discussion to watch from two great teachers! I’m looking forward to seeing Wendy at the Equine Affaire next month. Planning to go to her surefoot demo and whatever else I can find that she is doing there during the 2 days that I’m going to attend.

  8. Thank you for bringing these two brilliant teachers together. The online courses you have with these two clinicians are excellent. I always learn something new when you interview these 2 awesome people. My Horses are grateful too!!

    1. Claire, that is why we are so excited to share these courses with all of you – it is like cloning them for each student that enrolls in the program 🙂

      -Julia Burdy, CRK Training Community Manager

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