Happy Friday! Here in Pa, we had a beautiful weather for riding today. It is starting to feel like fall, but the cool breeze in the mornings is a welcome change.

I am very excited for today’s post, not just because I want to tell you about one of my newly found favorite training tools, but also because I am announcing my brand new website, Happy Horse Reviews! On this new site, I will be telling you all about my favorite products that I use everyday at the barn.

But let’s get back to today’s subject, which is… rope halters! So if you have watched many of my training videos you have probably noticed that I am almost always using a rope halter. I love rope halters because they provide the control you need when working with a pushy horse, but they are not as harsh as say, a chain shank. A rope halter is much harder for a horse to lean against than a conventional nylon or leather halter. In this video, I tell you a little more about why I love rope halters, and which brand I find to be superior.

So the name of the halter maker again is Handcrafted Jewels, and if you click this link it will take you directly to the page to buy the standard rope halter: http://www.handcraftedjewls.com/Handcrafted%20Jewels/Regular%20Rope%20Halters.htm

To read the complete review article that goes with this video, check out my new website at www.happyhorsereviews.com!


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