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Renew Yoga for Riders

An Invitation from Heidi...

Here is exactly what you get when you renew

Additional Renewal Resources

  • 12 Months Continued Access to the entire Yoga for Riders program
  • NEW 28 Day Yoga Planner guiding your next 28 days of yoga in an easy to follow flow
  • NEW Encouraging daily reminders to support your yoga practice
  • NEW Three Challenge Classes that Heidi has specially created for you to challenge your practice

Your Existing Weekly Classes

  • Three 30 minute Asana Yoga Classes to build your strength and mobility
  • One 15 minute Restorative Yoga Class to release stiff, tight muscles
  • One 15 minute Meditation to feel calm, focused, and present
  • Weekly Horse Homework with Callie to take your new skills and movements into the saddle

​Your Existing Bonuses

  • Riding Warm Up Flow to feel loose and limber before you swing into the saddle
  • Rider Reset for those moments when it’s just not going well and you need a fresh start to your ride!
  • Working Through Injuries tutorial to help you make any needed adjustments to make each pose beneficial for your unique body​

Coming Soon!