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We also have a special offer for you, as a new WISE Riders Club member, to learn more about Andrea’s unique style of training – Pure Liberty. 

Create a Friendship with Your Horse with Simple, Gentle Exercises.

Normally $497

Available Today for $297

Thank You for Joining!

We also have a special offer for you, as a new WISE Riders Club member, to learn more about Andrea’s unique style of training – Pure Liberty. 

Create a Friendship with Your Horse with Simple, Gentle Exercises.

Normally $497

Available Today for $297

We go so fast. Rushing through our days, trying to accomplish as much as possible, and rarely slowing down enough to notice the world around us.

We want results as quickly as possible, but what do we miss in our hurry?

What could be possible with our horses, what could we do together if we took the time to slow down?

We control so much about our horses’ lives. When they eat, when they go out, when they come in, who they live with, what they do…

We love our horses and want do the best we can in their care and in their training. We try to buy the best equipment, find the right barn, and help our horses be happy.
What if we started noticing what our horses enjoy, noticing what they want, instead of thinking only of what we would like them to do?

This is truly the essence of training and relationship.

So what if we did things differently, what if we offered our horses a choice? What if we could notice more about them?

How would our relationship change and what would be possible?

Imagine creating a bond with your horse where you truly know and trust them… a special bond with your own horse, or finding those little moments of connection with a school horse.

Think about creating a relationship where your horse is happy to see you, and not only for the treats in your pocket! Where they are happy to see you because of how they feel around you – calm, connected, at ease.

Join the Pure Liberty Course with Andrea Wady and discover what is possible between you and your horse

“Relationships can change in a heartbeat. Imagine a world with our horses, where we could relax a little, let our horses be truly who they are, and relinquish the need to control every hoofbeat.”
~ Andrea Wady

The Essence of Horse Human Connection

Pure Liberty is not about giving up everything you already know and do with your horse.

What Andrea teaches is about adding to the foundation of your relationship by creating friendship.

Consider what creates friendships… shared experiences, common interests, flowing communication.

This can be true for your time with your horse as well.

You can experience Andrea’s way of being with horses, of capturing the moments that create friendship and make every interaction meaningful and connected.

This is so much more than just an instructional program about teaching your horse to perform tricks, doing circles around you, coming towards you, or following you.

This Course is about the essence of horse and human connection.

As you get started in this Course you will find four parts to the program, your weekly modules or lessons. These will take you through a progression of understanding and experiences, creating a new language with your horse.

In addition to the core video lessons, you will also receive:

Your Instructor Andrea Wady

This workshop is taught by liberty expert Andrea Wady, who through a lifetime of seeking harmony with horses, views liberty as a gift – a gift of time spent between horse and person.

Andrea has been riding since she was a child, competing in showjumping and endurance, and running a successful horse tours company in Costa Rica. She always felt something was missing and wanted more in the relationship with her horses. 

Andrea went on a journey, studying with liberty trainers and trying new techniques with her own horses. Through years of study, Andrea found the missing piece in her horsemanship and the essence of creating relationship with horses – Pure Liberty.

"Wherever you are in your journey with your horses, I can meet you there; no judgement, no criticism, just a meeting along the road on your journey with your horse."

- Andrea Wady

You could have no better instruction, Andrea definitely speaks “horse” and she will teach you the language!
– Cavallo Hoof Boots

Andrea Wady has an incredible feel for building a relationship with horses and a teaching style that is clear and reproducible by every horse/ human partnership.
– Diane Fitzgerald

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Liberty is a Gift

To You and Your Horse

With these Lessons, Build a Stronger Relationship Together

​Module 1 The Horse Human Relationship

In this first module of the course The Horse Human Relationship, we will explore the theory behind Pure Liberty, and how this time spent with your horse can build your relationship.

You will learn more about what your horse values and enjoys, you will learn what their patterns are, and you will likely learn more about yourself as well.

In this module:

​Module 2 The Emotional Bank Account

In this second module The Emotional Bank Account, explore creating harmony with your horse and understanding the horse’s emotional bank account that we influence in every interaction.

​Andrea will also discuss the different stages of learning that happen with our horses.

In this module:

​Module 3 Creating Layers of Connection

In Creating Layers of Connection Andrea will explain how she views the role of energy and intention in the work with your horse.

She will teach several exercises used to create a language of movement with horses.

​Plus she will cover how to respond when the work with your horse does not go as smoothly as you would like!

In this module:

​Module 4 Applying the Liberty Mindset

In the fourth module, learn how the skills you gain from working at liberty can expand to all your interactions with your horse, including when they are wearing a halter and lead, and even when you are in the saddle and riding.

In this module:

Also Included in the Course...

The Online Course Workbook

You will have a Pure Liberty Course Workbook to accompany the video lessons, which serves as a quick reference guide as well as a place to reflect and make notes specific to you and your horse.

The workbook is all digital so you can read online or print it out and take it with you to the barn.

Video Coaching with Andrea Wady

If you start to feel stuck anywhere through the program, Andrea is offering video coaching, to provide one on one feedback and suggestions for making progress.

With Andrea’s expert eye, and years of experience teaching clinics in the US, Europe and Central America, she can help you work through whatever problem you may be experiencing. You can send in two videos for clarification on whatever may be holding you back.

Send in one of the videos during the course and another anytime in the year after, as you continue to advance.

Get just the feedback you need when you start feeling stuck or frustrated!

Bonuses Included for Free when You Join!

To help you get the most out of the course, we also added a few unique bonuses!

The Science of Connection

Callie King’s fascinating class on The Science of Connection will help you understand why and how Andrea’s unique techniques work so well.

​Understand Pure Liberty through the lens of behavior science and basic brain function.

Callie will also share how she is incorporating the Pure Liberty principles at her busy working lesson barn.

Finding Inner Calm with Brian Matsky

Skills are not the only, or even the most important, determinant of good horsemanship. A person’s internal state and their ability to remain in the present moment will have more effect on the horse than any technique.

In this bonus interview and meditation, meet meditation instructor Brian Matsky, who has overcame PTSD, as he explains the science of calming your body and mind.

​Learn specific techniques for relaxing your muscles and calming your thoughts in the 20 minute guided meditation exercise with Brian and Andrea – and get in the Pure Liberty mindset!

Starting Pure Liberty with a New Horse

In this 6 Part Training Series, follow along in every training session with Andrea and “headstrong” mare Lily. From the very first time they meet, see how Pure Liberty shapes their early relationship plus how Andrea uses Pure Liberty in the barn, a grassy field, and working on line.

Get priceless in-the-moment insights into Pure Liberty such as how Andrea decides when to end a session, even when it is going well. And see how moments of challenge are transformed into opportunities for connection.

This new Series is invaluable to witness how Pure Liberty is used in many different situations and will help you apply this learning to your own horse.

Taming Wild Documentary

You will also be receiving access to the incredible documentary, Taming Wild Pura Vida, created by Elsa Sinclair.

​In this documentary, Elsa and Andrea take two rescue horses on a trek across Costa Rica, discovering what is possible when badly abused horses are offered choice and friendship, even in the context of the incredible undertaking of the trek.

The Pasture Meditation

Your horse doesn’t know when training begins or ends.

​The first few moments you spend with them can set the tone for your ride and the rest of your time together that day.

To help you step away from the stresses of the day and be the person your horse needs you to be, Andrea created the Pasture Meditation that you can do anywhere, in just 10 minutes, to find calm and ease.

Yes, I want Lifetime Access to Pure Liberty!

Praise for Pure Liberty...

One of the most valuable courses I ever completed… Love the concepts and knowledge Andrea passes on with equestrian relationship.

Christa Page

I cannot recommend Pure Liberty enough! My horse has become my buddy and greets me in the pasture. It’s awesome!

Kathy Webb

What I learned from Andrea at the clinic, has completely changed my life with my horse… I’m now continuing to build the relationship of trust and harmony with my horse, where he chooses to work with me as opposed to being forced to comply. I would go as far to say that meeting Andrea and learning her methods, has been life changing for me and my horse.

Parisa Jenkins
I love this course, your lectures, the brevity, conciseness, the examples and articulate manner of information. You make it so clear and I can understand and apply the philosophy, I want to hear it over and over and practice it every day!!! You make it fun, as it is not performance oriented… it is the here and now moments with one’s horse… your teaching is a gift as the liberty is a gift.

Celia McCormack
What a difference your Pure Liberty course is making in my life! I just had 2 back-to-back best ever hand walks with a couple of older guys at my lesson barn…

Amy McCLure
I took this class. Just about one of the best things I’ve ever done. It not only changed my relationship with animals in general, but it changed me. I highly recommend.

Sheri Gansen

How Does the Course Work?

Go at Your Own Pace

When you join Pure Liberty, you’re in for life. There is no expiration date, and your access to the videos will never go away. Plus you can join in future rounds and deepen your liberty skills.

Get Your Questions Answered

As with all our premium Courses, this is a well supported program – to make sure you keep making progress and don’t get stuck.

Ask any questions in the Course portal under all the lessons. And get Andrea’s direct feedback on your Pure Liberty work through the video coaching.

​In Case You're Wondering...

​I get it, life is busy! When you join Pure Liberty, you are a member for life, so you can go through the course now or later, or as often as you want!
No, many students use these exercises to help create a better relationship with the horses they ride in lesson programs. Even just a few moments of practice before bringing your horse in for a ride can make a big difference!
You can get started with Module One as soon as you join. The next lessons are released weekly, but you will have continued access to all of the content to revisit as often as you like. Each exercise also has notes for how to modify it to make it easier or more advanced. Stay in the Saddle book and video library are equally helpful for a new rider starting out, an intermediate rider to solve a particular challenge, and for an experienced rider wanting new ideas!
While an area that our horse can be free is ideal, you can practice Pure Liberty in a confined place or even on a leadrope, applying the underlying principles of Pure Liberty.
While most of the Course content is delivered over the internet, the videos can be customized for playback in slow internet areas. If you do join and find that you can’t participate in the Course as you hoped, we offer a 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee.
When you join this course, you have lifetime access, so you can go through at your own pace, and retake the Course as many times as you wish! Your Video Coaching Sessions do not expire and you will have access to the recordings of the Live Q&A.
Absolutely! Andrea’s underlying principles are applicable to people with any level of experience, since many of the exercises can be done at a distance, this is an excellent way for new horse people to learn to recognize subtle horse behavior.
To enter the world of the horse, to earn their trust, and build a friendship, we need to slow down. Discover how the simplicity of spending time together, paying attention to what your horse values, how they learn, and how they interact with the world around them can transform your relationship with your horse, creating a true friendship.

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

As with all of our HorseClass programs, I want you to be completely confident and comfortable joining Pure Liberty.

​If you are not satisfied with this Course for any reason, return it for a full refund within 30 days of joining.
We would love to have you join us!

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…After a few months of following this course (taking my time to reflect on all this amazing content), I am seeing so many positive changes in my relationship with my horses. It takes time because I make the effort to slow down a lot but we progress so much better. Coupled with the “Yoga for Riders” course I have just started, it is truly life-changing…

Fiona Vandeputte
I feel like I gained SO much from this course! I’m having a great time with Lewis and seeing a new side to him. He has so much to say when I listen! I still have more work to do and am so excited to see where this takes us in our relationship! Watching you with Raleigh is so inspiring!

Heather MacIntosh

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