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Wise Riders

How to thrive with horses in later life.

Webinar series with Andrea Wady

Are you over 50? Feeling like the horse world is leaving you behind?

Are your fears and what ifs busy drowning out your dreams? YES?

Then prick up your ears, I am coming for you!

Together we are going to reignite your dreams of a life with horses.

Society doesn’t get to tell us we don’t fit in the horse world anymore, that we are no longer good enough or don’t have a place. Not on my watch.

As a lifelong rider, horse trainer, and author imagine my horror when menopause hit me right between the eye balls. 

I felt tired, stiff, brain fogged and worried. 

Situations that were easy before were suddenly overwhelming. 

Climbing on the back of a young horse, or riding out the spooks that never phased me before… not so inviting now. 

Trust me, I wasn’t going to take this lying down, however tempting that was.

I know many of you are here. You have felt this. 

It is time for us WISE riders to unite.

Are you ready? Saddle up, we ride at dawn

Come with me on a journey…

To embrace change

Feel strong and capable 

Trust ourselves again

and ride smarter.

It is time to thrive, shine and stride forward into the next chapter of our lives with horses, together.

Join me in The Wise Riders Webinar series, where I will share “the formula” I created to help me harness the natural passing of time, rather than fighting it.

About Me

Hey, I’m Andrea Wady.

In my past as a horse trainer and professional rider, I spent upwards of 6 hours a day in the saddle.  

I specialized in helping troubled horses which naturally led me to liberty training. 

Time was storming past me as I swam deeper into the relationship side of horses and spent less time in the saddle. 

Fast forward 20 years and I have found myself wanting more from my riding. Well, let me tell you, my mind thought I was 25 and my body was telling me differently. The two crashed into each other and created the perfect storm. 

So there I was, wondering where my gusto had gone, wading through the menopause, surrounded by friends and students who understand or have walked this road ahead of me. I see many folk, women and men alike, feeling lost, left behind, belittled and jaded. Well that is all about to change my friends. 

Let’s rewrite history in The Wise Riders Webinar as I share my formula for aging like a badass.

Here’s how this goes…

Webinar One

A Formula for Success

I will share personal stories of failure and ultimately stepping out of the shackles I bound myself in.

It is time for action! In collaboration with a very special guest from the field of psychology, we will explain how the formula can help you make changes immediately.

 After learning the formula, we will examine our situations with honesty, open hearts and eyes wide open. Learn how our self talk can set us up for success or further stagnation. How fear doesn’t need to paralyze us.

You can feel strong, capable, and confident, and I am here to help guide you there!

Webinar TWO

Take Back the Reins

Building from webinar one, we will be standing on firmer ground. 

We will have started to take back the reins of life and trust our experience, our knowledge, our wisdom! 

Now it is time to raise the bar. 

Learn to ride smarter. 

Do not give up on your dreams, reinvent them. 

I will be joined by Wendy Murdoch, herself a lady who has navigated aging and horses with spectacular poise. 

There is no one better to help us create a comfort zone that we can thrive in than this lady.

Webinar Three

Transform Your Body

So by now we will be brimming with ideas and ready to saddle up, but can someone please send our bodies the memo! 

It will be time to bring out the big guns. 

There are moments when youth and exuberance can shake our older bones awake again. 

Callie King is joining us to give a completely unique perspective on our bodies and how we can gently but effectively harness the power of aging and transform it into strength, suppleness and fluidity. 

Trust me, this will not be what you expect, but maybe exactly what you need.

Join me on this incredible journey.

The Wise Riders webinar, where we will salute the experience we have and the wisdom we can share with the world.

Embrace your inner horse woman badass and get ready to SHINE!

Join Me in The Wise Riders Webinars


Worldwide - we have students from USA, UK, Australia, Asia - ALL countries welcome (currency is converted automatically) *all Webinars will be recorded if you can't make it live

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