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I ❤️ HorseClass, you explain things so clearly and have given me the instructions to really improve my confidence, riding and thoroughly enjoy my time with my horses again, thank you!

Helene Caplice Nason

When We Ride, We Want to Feel Light, Effortless.

We want to be in balance, to feel as though we are flowing with the horse’s movement. 

But riding is so much more than just the ability to stay in the saddle.

Good riding is the art of being calmly present, connected to the horse, feeling their movement, and clearly guiding them.

It can be oh so easy to get lost in the worries of the day, in the anxiety of what the horse may do next, wondering if we are sitting correctly… is this where my leg is supposed to go when I ask for canter? Are my hands in the right place? Am I pulling too much on the reins?

The constant chatter of thoughts is normal, but our best riding happens when the chatter slows, when we find the sweet spot of working within our ability, yet challenging ourselves just enough…

When we are in the movement, feeling it instead of thinking about it.

So much riding instruction focuses only on how to.

The element of feeling can be lost. The art of staying connected to your horse, and to your own body, can be forgotten.

The result of this kind of instruction is a rider who feels too “in their head”. They may know what they are supposed to do, but they always feel out of sync with the horse. They are worried and anxious and tend to ride stiff and tense. The horse feels this and may be spooky and flighty. Or they may not want to move at all.

If this sounds like you, I can help.

My name is Callie King, and I have been teaching riding for over 15 years.

I have focused not only on riding skills, but how to teach to best help my students. How we feel affects how we learn, so in every lesson I teach and each program I create, I help my students find a state of calm, while at the same time challenging and building their skill sets.

New Series of Audio Lessons.​

In this Brand NEW series of Audio Lessons, I can be there to guide you, step by step, through exercises to calm your mind, connect to your horse, and find your best posture.

You will progress through the lessons, beginning with calmness and presence to begin your ride, connect with your horse on the ground, and then move into riding lessons to release tension, improve your balance, and advance your riding skills.

These lessons will help beginner riders with the fundamentals of mindset, posture, and movement. Advanced riders will also benefit, finding the hidden tensions that are blocking their horse, improving their feel, and challenging their skills with the guided patterns.

Get all 10 Audios for less than $10 per lesson plus the two bonuses included FREE!

How These Audio Lessons Can Help...


Guided breathing and visualizations will help you find calm before and during your ride so that you can be less in your head and more connected to your horse.


Step by Step instructions will help you release long held tension to discover your best riding posture and to finally move freely with your horse.


If you are feeling stressed, stuck, or don’t know what to practice, these lessons will guide you to finding the flow and ease in your riding.

In each Along for the Ride lesson you can...

Connect with Your Horse

Unique exercises guide you into a state of calm, to let go of the worries of the day, and connect with your horse – from the ground and the saddle.

Find Your Best Posture

Follow along in a sequence of exercises to discover your posture and alignment for a stable, secure seat, and truly independent aids.

Test Your Balance

Balance is best improved when it is challenged… but not too much! Guided exercises will help you find the right level of challenge for you so you can make progress with every ride.

Let Go of Long Held Tension

Do you know you ride a bit tense but not sure how to change it? These lessons will help you finally drop the tension to allow you to ride in flow with your horse’s movement.

I can’t say enough about Horse class. It literally has transformed my mind and confidence.

Helen Ditchkus

Here Are Your 10 Along for the Ride Audio Lessons:

Warm Up for Riding

Follow along with this series of movements on the ground to warm up your body, and practice key movements for riding.

Heart Connection

These exercises will guide you to calm and relaxation to connect with your horse before you ride, using proven breathing and visualization techniques.

Mind & Body

Improve your body awareness for more “feel” in your riding, so that you can feel relaxed and calm in the saddle and move easily with your horse.

Equitation Reset

In this lesson, you will follow along with a specific sequence of exercises to find your most secure posture and balance.

Riding Flow

Exercises to release long held tension, that may be holding you back in your riding, so that you and your horse can move freely together.

Balance Challenge

Balance is learned and improved in movement, so this lesson will take you through a series of movements to challenge and improve your balance.


Follow along with these exercises and coaching to ride smooth and effortless transitions, improving your cues and your horse’s responses.

Canter Prep

This lesson focuses specifically on riding the canter, beginning with a visualization to prepare and then exercises to develop the movement and understanding of the canter, so you can experience the joy of a smooth and effortless canter.

Lateral Schooling Session

This session will guide you and your horse through a pattern to improve your horse’s suppleness and balance, and bring your attention to common mistakes made when riding lateral work.

Jumping Warmup

Prepare for a great jumping session by following along in this lesson to practice your jumping position.

Plus, I included two Bonuses to help you get the most from these lessons:​

ABCs of Riding Mini Course

Review the fundamentals of great riding behind each exercise in this course for effective posture and clear communication, regardless of discipline or experience.

​Part 1

​Part 2

​Part 3

​Part 4

​Part 5

Fundamentals of Riding

What Creates Easy, Flowing Movement

Applying the Aids

Basic Rider Position (English Saddle)

Basic Rider Position (Western Saddle)

Rider Exercise Series

Would you love to improve your riding even when you’re not in the saddle, with simple exercises that you could do in 5 to 10 minutes a day, even at home?

In this six-part exercise series, I share my favorite exercises for improving posture, balance, and body awareness.

These are simple exercises you can do in just 5 minutes a day to make a real difference in your riding!

More Lessons Just Added!

From student requests, I created 3 Bonus Audio Lessons.


In Confidence Boost, follow along in exercises designed to help you feel more secure in the saddle and confident in your skills – regardless of your riding level.


Then in Pattern Fun, ride along, warm up through cool down, following a pattern to improve your horse’s strength and straightness.


Finally, with In Sync, another series of exercises and prompts will guide you through improving your communication with your horse, keeping you focused and clear.

Meet Your Instructor

Callie King

Hi, I’m Callie, founder of HorseClass and your guide through these lessons. I love working with horses and riders of all levels and specialize in taking a science-based approach to my teaching and training.

What riding is really about is the relationship between horse and rider, it should be fun and enjoyable for both!

Both in my in person teaching as well as through my online courses and programs, I strive to create a positive learning environment for students and horses, always looking for ways to make learning fun, and incorporate the newest information and research on psychology, behavior, and learning.

I continue to be amazed and inspired, with each lesson you offer. I always learn something relatable and doable. And you confirm things I have always done intuitively but have so often been redirected away from my intuition. It's a relief and joy to have someone expanding my horse and rider understanding as well as supporting me to regain and develop my trust in myself.

Laura Jane Scott

Along for the Ride Audio Lessons

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Get all 10 Audios for less than $10 per lesson 

plus the two bonuses included FREE!




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I have enjoyed listening to Callie’s audio lessons when I’m riding alone. They give me something to focus on rather than just wandering around an arena. I enjoy the connection with my horse during the lesson. I appreciate being able to have the lessons at the barn to use at any time. Listening is more helpful for me when I’m with my horse than looking at a video.

Fleta Sokal

Tiny and I love these short classes!! They are a great warm up and help me to stay connected with my lesson horse, Tiny between weekly lessons. Callie explains the concepts so we'll and I try to apply them to my mounted lessons. My horse Tiny loves the warm up and cool down exercises!!

Debi Hamari

Absolutely love this audio lesson! My horse was a bit skittish as I first got on but as we got going with the lesson I felt relaxed and much more in sync. The music was amazing and made such a difference to our ride, it felt like we were dancing together!

Fay Manvell

HorseClass has been a helpful tool in setting goals for the long vision but also goals for individual rides. Callie's audio lessons help to provide focused, productive ride. Riding is more fulfilling and empowering when I have accomplished a pattern. My Maggie responses better and that leads to a more beautiful connection with her.

Brenda Grupe

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you are going to love Along for the Ride Audio Lessons and consider it extremely valuable, that I always offer a full guarantee.

You are free to return the course at any time within 30 days of joining for a full refund.

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