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This is not yoga, or stretching, or weight lifting, or Tai Chi, but will have elements from each of these practices. This is a class to understand the principles of all movement practices, and how they help us as riders. 


We will be working together through a variety of exercises, some very easy, relaxing, and flowing, others more challenging. No worries if you think “I can’t work out for 3 hours straight!”


There will be rest and discussion between exercises and I will help you find just the right level of challenge for you. 


We will be playing with understanding and feeling the difference between tension and relaxation in our body for improved posture. 


You will come out of this class with increased body awareness, proprioception, and coordination. Each participant will go home with a personal plan for how to continue the exercises, and adjust the challenge. 

Cathy Woods

Meet Your Instructor

Cathy Woods

Cathy Woods is a pioneer in combining yoga and horsemanship to improve horsemanship from ground to saddle through the use of yoga postures and principles; supporting mindfulness in horsemanship and supporting equestrian wellness.

Living a life-long yogic lifestyle (and study with a variety of teachers and gurus, combined with self-learning) gives Cathy insight to the true teachings of yoga beyond just postures. 

Though having a deep understanding of the practice and embodying it, Cathy can teach in a very practical, relatable and non esoteric way.  

You will be studying with a Yogini, a woman dedicated to yoga, yogic teachings and yogic traditions, not just a yoga/exercise instructor. 

Cathy’s trademarked, Body, Mind, Equine program was created from 31+ years of yoga teaching experience, combined with being a long-time horsewoman and avid trail rider. 

Cathy has taught yoga to equestrians and non-equestrians since 1991 at distinguished locations around the United States.

Cathy has also written for and been featured in numerous online and print publications such as: Horse & Rider Magazine, Horse Illustrated, Equus, Cowgirl Magazine, Western Horse & Gun Magazine, EQAMerica, Yoga Digest,, Equitrekking, Flying Changes Magazine and others. 

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Open Your Movement, Improve Your Riding

For your riding, this class will improve your balance, and how you use your riding aids. It will help with mounting, dismounting, and moving with your horse on the ground, your agility and ability to respond.


We will be practicing the kind of movements and exercises that also support overall health, giving us the mobility and strength to enjoy life and feel good in our bodies.


I am 6 months into studying this integrative movement practice. It has helped relieve my back pain and tension, was a big component in preparing me for a pain free Mongol Derby, and is simply a big source of joy in my life. I look forward to sharing the practice with you!


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