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The Effortless Rider Workshop with Wendy Murdoch

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“You could have no better instruction, Andrea definitely speaks “horse” and she will teach you the language!” ~ Cavallo Hoof Boots

“Andrea Wady has an incredible feel for building a relationship with horses and a teaching style that is clear and reproducible by every horse/ human partnership.” ~ Diane Fitzgerald

“One of the most valuable courses I ever completed… Love the concepts and knowledge Andrea passes on with equestrian relationship.” ~ Christa Page

“I cannot recommend Pure Liberty enough! My horse has become my buddy and greets me in the pasture. It's awesome!” ~ Kathy Webb

“What a difference your Pure Liberty course is making in my life! I just had 2 back-to-back best ever hand walks with a couple of older guys at my lesson barn…” ~ Amy McCLure

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