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Discover the Connection ​Between Your Horse’s Body and Behavior And Unlock Their Athletic Potential

In this Free Workshop You Will Learn:

  • Why too much tension creates many behavior problems

  • The connection between the horse’s body and emotions

  • How your horse’s anatomy and conformation are different (and why it matters)

  • How In Hand work helps the horse to become stronger and better balanced

About Your Instructor Patrick King

​In 18 years of teaching clinics around the world and starting over 3,000 young horses, Patrick has refined the in hand work he teaches to a simple progression of exercises.

Patrick has a unique breadth of experience, riding in varied disciplines, and studying with many other master horsemen, including Ray Hunt, Mark Russell, and Master Luis Valenca. He specializes in teaching the principles of classical dressage to riders from ALL disciplines.

In this training, Patrick King is going to take you through a series of fun exercises that will help your horse find relaxation, to both move and feel better.

Thank you! I have 3 rescue horses and they raced and each has a different issue. Your explanations are easy to understand! I'm very 😊 because I know I'll be able to help my mares with your guidance.

Anne Testa

Patrick is engaging and clear in how he teaches. I ❤️ that he gives the horses confidence and allows them to have some expression in the process.

Dani Henry

Relaxation and Movement Training for Improved Performance in ALL Disciplines

​In hand exercises help the horse both physically and mentally. Through In Hand work, we improve the horse’s strength and suppleness. We teach him to be aware of his body, to bend evenly to both sides, and to move forwards, backwards, and laterally – smoothly, softly and in a biomechanically correct way.

​Join this Free Online Workshop to discover how In Hand work can benefit your horse!


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