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“Feel” is an essential part of great horsemanship, but it is rarely taught to riders, left as something to come on its own… after years or decades of experience. 

Feel is the contact between horse and person, the little changes within their bodies, the communication that happens quietly. 

In Hand work teaches feel. 

In Hand work also develops the horse’s balance, coordination, and strength, but it does so while helping them relax, soften, and find that space where oh so subtle communication becomes possible. 

In this clinic, Patrick King will be your guide in discovering the In Hand exercises and this sense of feel for yourself.


Meet Your Instructor

Patrick King

Patrick has a unique breadth of experience, riding in varied disciplines, and studying with many other master horsemen, including Ray Hunt, Mark Russell, and Master Luis Valenca. He specializes in teaching the principles of classical dressage to riders from ALL disciplines.

Patrick has been teaching clinics around the world for over 18 years and started over 3.000 young horses.

Learn More about In Hand work through these featured videos:

Learn Classical In Hand work as it applies to different types of horses, to release tension and unlock your horse’s potential.

Understand the connections between the horse’s mind, body, and performance, and how the In Hand exercises can benefit every horse by increasing balance, strength, coordination, and responsiveness.

In this event, you will get one on one support with Patrick King to discover the small changes in how you are using your body, the reins, and the stick to lead your horse through the In Hand exercises.

Discover how to feel exactly where a horse is holding tension and help them release. Experience working with several different horses to feel how each horse is different and understand which exercises will help specific problems.


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Interested in learning from Patrick through his Online Program?

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