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Help Your Horse Feel Better

Develop Trust and Communication through Gentle Bodywork

With Jim Masterson

It has changed my life and every horse I have been in contact with! Relaxation and relationship, working WITH the horse and using skill and intuition. Amazing results all around!

Diane Brockett

What if there was communication possible that went beyond "training"

If relationship was created by being with your horse instead of always doing things with them or to them.

Our horses are not trying to be bad when they stop at a jump or don’t pick up a canter lead. They do these and other “bad” behaviors out of fear, lack of understanding, or very commonly, pain and restriction in their bodies.

It doesn't take a big event or accident to create tension in the body. Old injuries, riding, playing in the field, even just habits of movement can create tension that makes it difficult for the horse to do what we ask.

What if there was a simple way you could help your horse feel better in their body and build trust? Techniques you could learn to help your horse move better and feel better?

Introducing Gentle Bodywork with Jim Masterson.

Where you will learn the most foundational techniques of The Masterson Method® equine bodywork, to help your own horse while improving trust and communication.

Here is how it works

Horses are programmed to hide signs of pain.

It is how they stay alive as a prey species. Signs of weakness, lameness, or pain, and they would be the first choice for a hungry lion.

This is why it can often be difficult to find what is bothering our horse, when we may know something is just not right, but they aren't outright limping.

They may be reactive, acting up, not responding to cues, or just “not themselves”.

But as we get closer to the area of discomfort, the horse can brace – blocking that tension so it’s not so easily displayed, but also not released.

This is the wisdom of the method created by Jim Masterson…

The techniques work by staying under the bracing response. They are light and soft, and help the horse feel safe enough that their body can release that tension, often resulting in yawning, stretching, lowering the head, generally just feeling better!

Because the techniques are so gentle, it means they are also safe for anyone to learn and apply.

And as your horse learns that you are the one who helps them feel better, the relationship between you can grow.

HorseClass has partnered with Jim Masterson in a brand new program, Gentle Bodywork, and I invite you to join us!

What is The Masterson Method®?

The Masterson Method® is a unique, interactive method of equine bodywork that anyone can learn, to help build trust with the horse.

Years of stress and stiffness can often be resolved in a few sessions, by relieving built-up tension in core muscles and key junctions of the body that affect the horse’s performance.

With The Masterson Method®, you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to find and release tension. In contrast to traditional massage, it works with the horse’s nervous system and the horse actively participates in the process.

It is something you do with the horse, rather than to the horse. This participation and interaction are what makes the method fulfilling for those who use it and transformational for the horse.

Testimonial after testimonial describe radically improved performance, movement, behavior, and relationship with the owner, as a result of The Masterson Method®.

About Your Instructor - Jim Masterson

Jim Masterson is an equine massage therapist and the creator of the world-renowned Masterson Method®.

For Jim, it started in 1998, while he was grooming horses on the U.S. hunter-jumper show circuit, Jim noticed while watching physical therapists work on horses that the horse exhibited certain subtle changes in behavior that correlated to what the therapists were doing. He learned that if you trust and follow what the horse is telling you as you work on it, the horse’s body will participate in the process of releasing tension. The result is not only an improvement in performance, but also in the trust that develops between the horse and human.

From 2004 to 2013 Jim worked on top equine competitors on the US hunter-jumper circuit in events such as the USEF and Maclay Medal series, and FEI Grand Prix, Nations Cup, Pan American and World Cup jumping events, and with members of the USEF Singles Driving Team.

Here is What is Included

10 Core Lessons, taking you step by step through the foundational techniques and key concepts.

10 Action Steps Videos, reviewing the most important learning and breaking down the techniques into exactly what to practice.

10 Worksheets, for an easy to review reference at the barn and tracking your own horse's responses. 

Here are the Core Lessons in this Program

Less is More

Understand how The Masterson Method works and why less effort is often more effective at relieving tension.

Learning to Listen

Discover how to read the most subtle responses from your horse, communicating with them in a new way.

Helping Cody

In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to watch a full demonstration on Cody, to see how Jim tests for potential problem areas and then begins working.

parts of the horse

Parts of the Horse

Learn about the basic anatomy of the horse and key junctions of the body that the techniques will be affecting.

Bladder Meridian Technique

Practice a core concept in The Masterson Method - Search, Response, Stay, Release and learn where your horse may be holding tension.

Lateral Cervical Flexion Technique

Help your horse release tension from their poll and neck.

Head Up Technique

In this unique movement, release tension from the head, neck, and important TMJ area.

Withers Wiggle Technique

Learn how to very gently move each spinal processes of the withers to release tension.

Hind End Points Technique

The hindquarters are the powerhouse of the horse, in this technique, learn key points to help free the hind end.

Sacrum Float Technique

With very gentle touch, help your horse release around the important sacral area.

How will you move forward with The Masterson Method?

Reflect on what you have learned and create a plan for implementing The Masterson Method regularly with your horse.

Sept 30- Oct 1

Bonus for Our First Students

Livestream Access of the Beyond Horse Massage Clinic with Jim Masterson
at the HorseClass Farm Campus.

Last year was the first time that Jim Masterson taught at our Farm Campus. The event is $1200 for participants, and it sold out. In less than 2 hours. This year's event was waitlist only, we never even opened it publicly.

But you have the opportunity for a virtual seat! To watch Jim teach, and to get answers to your questions with Jim and a team of certified practitioners.

When you join Gentle Bodywork, you will receive the Clinic Livestream as an extra bonus.

  • Follow along in Event Demonstrations

  • Get Live Session Q&A

  • Recordings provided if you can’t make it live

This livestream access will be your opportunity to learn from Jim Masterson, the founder of The Masterson Method®, in front of a live audience.

In Gentle Bodywork with Jim Masterson you can


Release Pain and Tension


Improve Performance


Build Trust

Yes, I would love to join Gentle Body Work and
give back to my horse!


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Would recommend to anyone who would like to bond and build that relationship with their horse, and also seeing how the horse communicates.

Jacqueline Garber

The physical changes in the horses is quite amazing when working with this method! Watching a horse relax and release is exciting! So happy I found another way to connect with my horses!

Nicole Cocorocchino

Very clear and easy to follow. I have been using this method on two of my horses and can see the
releases and physical improvement. Both horses seem to really enjoy it.

Sarah Orr

Have a Question?

No, this program is not part of certification in The Masterson Method. You can learn more about certification at

Gentle Bodywork is unique to the Beyond Horse Massage book or weekend clinics as this program presents the gentler aspects of The Masterson Method® that anyone can do with their horse. This curriculum has training videos, worksheets, and technique guides to help you in the learning process and is designed for easy and efficient learning. Throughout this program you also get the perspectives and takeaways from other horse owners and students. Doing Gentle Bodywork as well as reading the book or attending in person seminars will give you even deeper understanding of the work.
This program is designed for quick learning, giving you exactly what you need to get started and do the techniques with your horse. The information is simple and easy to follow, with clear action steps for you after each lesson. You can complete this program in as little as 10 days, watching one lesson each day. There is also no expiration to your access, so you can study at your own pace and repeat the program as often as you wish.

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