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The Effortless Rider Workshop with Wendy Murdoch

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ABCs to On the Aids

With WENDY Murdoch

Do you have trouble recognizing good movement? Or being able to see if a rider has good posture and alignment? Or finding that elusive “feel” that is so essential for good riding and horsemanship?

This course will demystify these and many other challenges that riders so often face. You will learn to distinguish good movement from poor, and develop a clear understanding of riding terms such as on the aids, collection, throughness, tracking, impulsion and more.

Effortless Rider Jumping Course

With WENDY Murdoch

In this Course, Wendy breaks down the process of learning jumping, beginning on the ground and progressing to specific exercises riding on the flat, over poles, grids, and carefully designed courses to build each movement, skill, and feeling that you need to jump effectively and safely!

You will get specific exercises for learning and feeling the position, movement, and habits required for each phase of the jump that will make you a safe and effective jump rider.

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