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Thank you so much for sharing your passion, learning, wisdom and stories. It is fascinating and has and is making a difference in my riding, my visualization and the connection I have with my horse. I have taken both of the courses offered by Wendy.

There is such a wealth of information and it really has added a whole new dimension to my appreciation of the horse and my understanding of the possibilities of flowing together with my horse and how my particular skeleton with my horse's particular skeleton can find our groove together.

Every time I go through the classes again, I learn more and have new epiphanies. I am excited to go through the Effortless Riding class for the second time. Thank you both!!!
- Connie
My riding coach recently complimented me on my leg position and how much it has improved! The other main point was really "getting" the concept that my leg position (generally too far back) was really tied to my hips and with Wendy's instruction I was able to correct this after years of riding!
- Lois Shaw
These videos and the explanations are fantastic! So glad I bought this course!!!! Can't wait to learn how to make adjustments to my body so I can be the rider I've wanted to be for so many years.
- Cynthia Dacosta
This is an excellent module - very clear, well filmed and helpful. I especially appreciate Wendy showing what happens to the horse when one is in a 'wrong' position. Helps me diagnose what I might be doing.
- Lelsey Pollitt
I am about half way through an online course called "The Effortless Rider Course" with Wendy Murdoch and CRK Training. It is truly the very best thing I have ever done for myself and my horse JayLuka. Just received a lovely gift wrapped parcel in the mail with a card from Wendy. Can't wait to explore these books and CD's while I proceed with the course.

I highly recommend this online course for anyone wanting to improve their fitness and riding. I have had the biggest breakthrough as this course caters for every type of learning therefore producing much needed confidence. No one is left behind....Can't recommend Wendy's methods enough!
- Karen Gibbs
Myself, my wife and both my young daughters all ride at a local riding school. We've all just sat around the TV and watched the first modules about the skeleton. It was incredibly interesting! Especially when the skeleton horse was placed next to a real (and beautiful) mare for comparison. We all loved it, and both girls now can quote the various vertebrae types, along with the numbers of each! I'm already delighted that I enrolled, and I'm certain we'll get such a lot out of the course.
- Mark, Angela, Lily & Jasmine
What a great lesson, the lessons and changes were easy to see and it was easy to see how Julia learned and how it changed her body position and riding! Can't wait to imagine myself riding as she was while I am on my horse!
- Connie
Thank you so much for making this course available to us. My horse's movement has changed so much since I started riding with a flat back about two weeks ago. He is now more forward moving and he gives me lots of snorts as we ride. I no longer have what I thought was a lazy horse! This change in my back position has been such a break through for us. Thank you so much.
- Sharon Carmack

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