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“We all have within us our own best teacher.”

In riding, the best thing we can do to become a better rider is to listen more to ourselves. Listen to our bodies and intuition, experiment and have fun. This is how we find balance, ease, and lightness in the saddle.

The clinics with Wendy Murdoch are filled with fun and learning, as she guides riders through exercises to find their own internal balance and wisdom.

Wendy brings a lifetime of study as well as her own personal experiences after a severe riding accident left her temporarily in a wheelchair and she discovered how to heal herself to get back in the saddle. 

In this clinic, you have the opportunity to get hands on help from Wendy in your riding to move past old habits, patterns, or injuries.

Meet Your Instructor

Wendy Murdoch

Wendy Murdoch is an international clinician and riding instructor with over 30 years experience as well as a Feldenkrais(R) practitioner.

Early in her career, Wendy was an apprentice to Centered Riding founder Sally Swift, and esteemed horse woman Linda Tellington Jones.

Wendy has an expertise in understanding movement, helping riders change those old habits and patterns to become stable, confident, and effective.

Wendy teaches riding in a way that is easy, fun, and very unique, often using simple tools you already have at home to really get the feeling you need to improve!

Learn More about Wendy through these featured videos:

Get hands on help in your riding to finally feel at ease
and in sync with your horse.

With Wendy’s hands on exercises, you will feel the small shifts that will completely change your riding. 

Discover your own patterns on her famous “balance trail”, and through riding Joker, the spring horse. 

Then take these into your riding sessions to feel how to sit in balance with no effort, exactly how your leg needs to hang for easy leg cues, and how to correctly move with the motion of walk, trot, and canter.

Wendy will give you unique, personal exercises to overcome any injuries, limitations, and to change your habits (even ones you have had for years!)


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