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Embodied Riding

A study of the body, movement, and riding.

Webinar Series with Callie

Breathe in, and feel your horse under you.

Feel every movement, their balance, their rhythm.

You feel as though you are an extension to them, moving freely together.
In sync. Connected.

The breeze against your face, the horizon in front of you.

Breathe out and shift your weight, and your horse changes.

Meeting you in the movement.

Like a dance.

This is what riding can feel like.

This unity of movement that is felt walking down a wooded trail, cantering a 20 meter circle, jumping down a line, or galloping across an open field.

You don’t get to this feeling by “hold the reins like this” and “put your leg here”.

Sure these things help, but what I am talking about is a deeper experience.
Embodied riding.

Connected to yourself, to your own movement and essence, and then to the horse.

This is what I invite you to explore with me in a New Webinar Series –

Embodied Riding.

To be truthful, everything about this life experience fascinates me.

Horses have been my guide in the order of my studies, first on the science of behavior, learning, and communication.

Also on the feeling of oneness with nature and with another.

For several years now, I have focused my attention on a different area of study within all that we bring to riding. The body. And how it moves.

Life can disconnect us from the very vessel we inhabit to move through it. And then we come to an activity like riding and notice… “this wasn’t like it was when I was younger”… or “I have no idea what this instruction means… what is ‘open the hip’ anyway?”

I noticed this with my students, and frankly, with myself. Several life events and accidents had left my body hurting. And calling for a change.

So I embarked on a new study.

Studying Movement at a school in Mexico based on the work of Ido Portal and simultaneously completing my certification as a practitioner in a Somatic Therapy known as Triple Vagal Method.

Through everything, of course I had the lens of a rider, and the question… “how will this help riders?”

After working with riders in person in small workshops and events, and being my own case study, I want to share with you, the HorseClass community.

We will work together in several live webinars.

You can join for one, or for the full series. All are recorded, so if you can’t join live, no worries. These webinars will be experiential, so come ready to follow along and move!

Descriptions are below.

Let’s do this!

How your Nervous System
Affects Your Riding

June 21 12nn EDT – 90 min (COMPLETED)

In this class, we will explore the nervous system – your internal computer that regulates your feelings, emotions, and your movement!

Follow along in practices to soothe your system and associate ease, instead of stress, with riding.

Of the webinars, this will be the most “informational”, with more lecture.

Embodied Riding - Movement
for Riders, Lower Body Focus

June 28 12nn EDT – 90 min (COMPLETED)

Follow along with exercises designed to first bring awareness and attention to your center, hips, legs, and feet.

Learn exercises to improve mobility, strength, and function of your lower body.

Embodied Riding - Movement
for Riders, Upper Body Focus

July 5 12nn EDT – 90 min (COMPLETED)

Learn what creates tension in the shoulders, upper back, and chest. Follow along in exercises to improve your contact, and feel the idea of movement coming all the way through your body.

The class will be a combination of strength, mobility, and releasing.


a Body Plan

July 12 12nn EDT – 90 min (COMPLETED)

Go beyond a workout routine or fitness regime. In this class, learn to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and how to create a plan that really works by addressing what you need most.

Register for the Full
Embodied Rider Series

*ALL recordings (COMPLETED)

Material will build, so with this option you will get the most out of the series. You can always catch up on recordings if you can’t come live.

Got questions? Here are your answers.

No – I will provide modifications for all exercises, come as you are.
Each session will be 90 min long, with about 60 minutes of education and follow along exercises, and 15-30 mins for Q&A.
A mat or comfortable floor space to be sitting, standing, and lying. A tennis ball.

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