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Would you love to feel confident and secure jumping? To have a horse who easily takes you to the fences, and can jump out of any distance? Do you have a horse who rushes the jumps, refuses, or runs out and you need a plan to retrain them?

Angelo Telatin has a reputation for entering show jumping competitions… bridleless. Not just on one horse, but multiple horses. Many of these horses were previous jumping “burnouts” or rejects, brought to Angelo because they were refusing, running out, or worse.

Now they jump around the course clean and confident, a result of the system of training Angelo has developed, using progressive gridwork to set them up for success.

In this upcoming clinic at the HorseClass Farm Campus, you can ride with Angelo, bringing your own horse, or using one of our school horses, to completely change your jumping over these two days, whether you are just learning jumping or are an experienced rider needing help on a specific challenge.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Angelo Telatin

Dr Angelo Telatin is a PhD in Equine Behavior as well as a Professor of Equine Science at Delaware Valley University and an experienced showjumper rider, trainer, and coach.

Angelo has brought many young horses from their first jump to successful competitions and has also developed a specialty in retraining jumpers that are “burnt out” and now known for refusals or worse.

His success comes from a slow and systematic approach, teaching the horses one new skill at a time and moving forward when they are showing the necessary skill level and confidence to do so.

Learn More about Angelo through these featured videos:

The Science of Learning and Behavior meets Classical Training in this polework and jumping clinic.

Find a secure jumping position and feel confident over fences (even if you have never jumped before!). In this course with Equine Behavior PhD, Show Jumping and Dressage coach, Angelo Telatin, you and your horse will be set up for jumping success with progressive grid exercises.

These exercises will teach you the right balance for approaching a jump, how to allow your horse to jump freely (without getting in the way), how to recover easily from a bad jump, and how to prevent refusals or runouts (as well as retrain a horse who has these habits).

Even if you are not a jumper, Angelo’s exercises are adaptable to every level. He is known for teaching to each individual student and their learning style, helping you overcome old habits and truly feel the best position of your body and the true balance of the horse.


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Interested in learning from Angelo through his Online Program?

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