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Easy Daily Lessons for:

Join me for this 30 Day Journey to becoming a better rider and horse person.

This is the knowledge and skills that I feel are most important for every rider to understand.

I am always striving to improve how I ride, so I can move more freely with the horse. To improve how I train so my communication is more clear and my connection stronger.

As a riding teacher, it is my mission to share this information, what I learn and continue to learn, with others, in a way they can understand and apply it. Even if we live on opposite sides of the world, the technology of online video allows us to do this.

This 30 Day Better Riding Quest is my newest program and a distillation of 20 years teaching riding and 13 of those years teaching online. These are the core lessons that I would love for every rider to know (or to review!)

This quest is 30 Days of short daily videos helping you:

Improve your posture and balance in the saddle with movements to practice at home

Learn more about your horse through exercises exploring what interests and motivates them

Practice techniques for moving through fear and releasing tension in your own body

Simple groundwork exercises to prepare your horse for a great ride

All you need is 5-10 minutes a day (or you can go through the program at whatever pace is best for you – it’s all open as soon as you join and you have a full 90 days access to complete.)

If you have ever felt that you just don’t have time for long courses or being online for webinars, or you simply want to improve your riding faster, join me in this quest! 

Let me guide you to your best riding position, one simple lesson at a time! 

Of course, in these 30 days, we will also go beyond just riding position… 

I have often said that being a better rider is so much more than how we sit in the saddle. 

It is our mindset, how we communicate with our horse and our ability to stay calm even when things don’t go perfect. 

So in this quest for Better Riding, we will be talking about this too 😉

In case we are meeting for the first time…

My name is Callie King. I have been publishing a weekly show for over 13 years on riding tips and horse training.

I am passionate about helping riders and I’ve taught clinics, created courses, and written books.

I believe in a holistic approach to riding, considering both the horse and person, and being aware of all the factors that go into “riding success”.

I also believe that we all learn best in safe and positive environments, and want to encourage you to create this for yourself and your horse, starting with how you think about yourself as a rider. I already think you’re great. You wouldn’t have found this program and still be reading if you weren’t interested in being your best.

I’m here to say it’s ok to do that one step at a time, which is just what we will do together through these daily lessons.

What I see is that to get started, or to get back on track, many riders simply need a path forward, easy steps to do each day to learn and build new habits.

Let me tell you a bit more about what we will be doing together…

Here is what we will be covering in the 30 Day Better Riding Quest:

Week 1

Finding Your Seat

Week 2

Connect with Your Horse

Week 3

Stepping Up Your Confidence

Week 4

Looking Ahead

The Bonuses


Full Fee Goes to your next course

Here’s the best part…

I hope that this 30 Day Program will be just your first step (or your next step) learning with us at HorseClass. For over a decade, we have been building our curriculum for riders and horse people, with programs on riding, training, horse care, mindset and more.

When you join the 30 Day Better Riding Quest, the entire fee to join can then be applied to your next program with us. (any program of equal or higher value)

That means you are essentially getting these 30 Days for Free!


Q&A Live Video Support

Each day of the Quest, I will do a live video answering questions and providing additional tips around that day’s lesson and exercise. 

The live videos will be held in a Private Facebook Group just for this Quest, and will be uploaded later to the portal for all to view (so no worries if you don’t use Facebook).

You have access to everything – the 30 Days and the Bonus Facebook Group – for three months, so no worries if you get behind and need extra time to catch up and complete the program. 


30 Day Quest Tracking Sheet

Plus I will be cheering you on all the way. 

You will receive a daily email from me with the link to that day’s video and you will have your 30 Day Quest Tracking Sheet you can print to check off each completed lesson. (Because who doesn’t love the satisfaction of marking something done!)


Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Finally, at HorseClass we like to have fun… so, we have prizes for you!

At the end of each week, when you complete all the lessons, you will be entered into our drawing for a HorseClass prize.

And remember, ALL students in the 30 Day Quest get the full enrollment fee to apply to their next HorseClass program.

Have a question?

No need to have your own horse! These lessons will be just as applicable if you ride school horses, friend’s horses, etc.

No problem! Most of these exercises, even the ridden ones, will also encourage you to practice at home, whether that is feeling a certain movement, bringing more attention to an area of your body, noticing more around you as a horse does, etc.

These lessons are designed for the beginner to intermediate rider. These cover the fundamentals of rider position, horse behavior and training, and mindset for calm. Even if you are brand new to horses and riding, you will be able to practice each of these exercises. For more experienced riders, this can serve as a helpful review and reminder of the important fundamentals.

You have access to this program for 90 days. There is no need to follow the daily program, you can watch all the videos right away if you wish, or watch them anytime during the 90 day access period.

Many of these lessons are new, and have not yet been included in other programs. Others have been taught in these other courses, and I have also included them here in the format of this quest for review. Many times I find it is these most important fundamentals that we may know and have heard before, but we forget or overlook how powerful they can be. 

No, this program is NOT delivered on Facebook. You will receive access to a member’s portal with all the daily lessons and the QA videos will also be uploaded to your portal. The Facebook group is only an additional bonus for those who want to participate and ask questions there.

Join me and other like minded riders from around the world in the FIRST 30 Day Better Riding Quest.

Enrollment Open this week only and we kick off with Day One on February 13


One Time Payment in USD. Secure Checkout.

90 Days Access to All Materials. 

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you are going to love program and consider it extremely valuable, that I always offer a full guarantee.

You are free to return the program at any time within 30 days of joining for a full refund.

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