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5 Minute Daily Exercises to Build Your Confidence

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Have you ever been afraid to ride or felt a sense of dread when your foot hits the stirrup?

Started feeling queasy in your stomach just driving out to the barn? Or felt a tension through your shoulders that you just couldn’t seem to let go of, or felt your mind racing through a dozen different what if scenarios, even when you know your horse is calm and you aren’t in danger? All riders regardless of experience level have experienced fear at some point.

You are not alone – whether you’ve had an accident that shattered your confidence, or you’re experiencing the frustration and trepidation of trying to learn a new movement skill as an adult, or stress from other parts of life is stealing the joy out of your riding – fear and anxiety is not unusual for riders.

We’ve accepted the risks of working with and riding a large and powerful animal – the horse. But the rewards are worth it – the feeling of connection with the horse, the thrill of moving together, and the times of flow – when it all comes together.

But when you’re struggling with fear, those moments can seem very far off.

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The joy begins to disappear when every ride is accompanied by anxiety, and you feel more relief after dismounting than excitement to begin the ride.

You fear that your nervous energy is affecting your horse – at the least, making you stiff and tense on his back, or at worst, putting your horse on edge too.

The unfortunate truth is that no matter how common it may be, fear for riders is often brushed off with “just get back on” or “show him who’s boss”.

Who wants to admit they are afraid when everyone else seems to just be having fun and taking things in their stride?

When you ignore your fear, you put yourself at risk. Sometimes fear is very appropriate – it is our internal warning system telling us something isn’t right and we need to make a change.

Other times, your fear may simply be holding you back, preventing you from moving forward in your skills, in your relationship with your horse, and from pursuing your riding dreams.

Building or rebuilding confidence isn’t always easy but it is possible, and you can do it.

You need to take an objective view of your feelings… begin to look at how you feel about riding with curiosity rather than shame or disappointment.

Notice your emotions and what they trigger for you – the tight shoulders, sweaty hands, racing heart – but don’t try to talk yourself out of these feelings.

Create a simple, consistent plan to build your skills as a rider, learn to manage your emotions, and build a sense of calm confidence that will make you a great partner for your horse!

I would love to help you create this plan and find your confidence!

In Calm & Confident Rider, we’ll work through a simple progression of exercises that will move you forward each day – you’ll be learning more about yourself as a person and as a rider. Let me tell you more…



Calm & Confident Rider
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Calm & Confident Rider is an Online Program that teaches the psychology of riding to help you overcome your fear and be the rider you want to be!

In this Program you will work through short daily exercises to help you understand your fear, learn strategies to manage it, and improve the essential riding skills to keep you safe.

With LIFETIME ACCESS to the Program you can learn at your own pace or follow along with the daily emails that will inspire you to keep moving forward.


Week 1


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Your Comfort Zone Deep Dive

In this first week, we are going to dive in to help you get really clear on the limits of your comfort zone.

Understanding the what, why, when and how of your fear is the first step to managing it.

Getting Clear

Finding the Cause

Where Do You Feel It?

Knowing Where You Are Now

Considering Expectation

Week 2


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Managing Your Emotions

In this second week, we focus on learning and practicing key strategies for managing your emotions.

As you go through this week, we will determine which strategies you find the most helpful.

Your Core Beliefs

Physical Skills

Working with Your Thoughts

What is Your Best State?

Talking About Control

Week 3


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Creating Your Specific Plan

Now it is time to start creating your specific plan.

In Week 3, we are going to work through your next steps, from re-training your brain to getting in the saddle and practicing skills you need.

Increasing Exposure

Other Therapies

Benefits of Exercise

Improving Your Riding Skills

Your Success Journal

Week 4


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Riding Skills for Confidence

This week we are focusing solely on riding…

Especially on the skills you need to stay safe such as balance, better rein control, and how to ride a spook and perform emergency control techniques.

Rein Control

Stopping and Steering

Emergency Techniques

Emergency Dismounts

Riding a Spooking Horse

Week 5


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Bonus Content


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Rider Interviews

Learn from other riders who have felt the same fear and anxiety about riding. Discover how they worked through managing these feelings so they could continue growing as riders.

Hear what made the biggest difference in helping them conquer their fears and how they handle their anxiety today.


Bonus Interviews

Interviews with Mental Sports Professionals

Within this program, I include several interviews from therapists and sports psychologists.

They share insights on mental traumas, our body’s adrenaline system, and the strategies they use in their own practices that will help you become a Calm & Confident Rider. ​


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In this section of the program, I answer your most common questions, such as:

“Do I have the right horse for me?” and

“How do I find a good riding coach?”


Science of Fear Mini Course

Science of Fear with Callie King

Take a deep dive with Callie King into the science of how our brains and bodies react to stress and fear AND how this process relates to our horses!

In this New Science of Fear training discover:

  Why going too far out of your comfort zone actually makes it smaller

  An exercise to feel how your nervous system is constantly evaluating what is safe

  The 4 pressures that being a horse person creates

  Why movement is so essential to feeling calmer

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