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The Effortless Rider Workshop with Wendy Murdoch

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Calm & Confident Rider

With Callie King

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The Calm & Confident Rider Program is for every rider who has ever experienced fear in their riding lives – whether from an accident, a bad experience, or just the question of “what if?”.

In this 28 day program you will complete short daily lessons to manage your emotions and get back in the saddle with confidence.

The Effortless Rider®️ Course

With Wendy Murdoch

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In the Effortless Rider®️ Course, find solutions to your riding challenges and bring ease to your riding through understanding the mechanics of movement.

This course is taught by international clinician and instructor Wendy Murdoch. Wendy combines 30 years of teaching riding with her expertise in anatomy and movement as a Feldenkrais practitioner.

In this Course, she teaches unique mounted and unmounted exercises using skeletons of both horse and rider (as well as real riders!) to give detailed instruction on the biomechanics of riding.

The Pure Liberty Course

With Andrea Wady

Discover what is possible when you find friendship with your horse.

Explore the essence of horse and human connection and create a wonderful relationship with your horse.

Experience the joy when they come to meet you at the gate, when you find how to move together in harmony, and when you just share those quiet, still moments together.

Developing Balance In Hand

With Patrick King

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Unlock your horse’s athletic potential with classical in hand work.

In this program, Patrick will take you through a series of exercises that will help your horse to release tensions and find relaxation, so that they not only move better, and in better balance, but will also feel better.

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