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Video Coaching with Callie King

Guidelines for Submitting Your Video

If you need help uploading your video to YouTube, please click here for a tutorial.

Video Topic Ideas

To participate fully in the video coaching part of the course, here are the progressive topics for each video:

1.  Take a video or search for a video of a horse showing distress, in any situation – ridden, on the ground, or loose. This can be any horse, does not need to be your own. The purpose of this first video is to recognize signs of distress.

2.  Groundwork – showing basic responses, clicker training, lungeing… your choice! 

3.  Standing or walking, focusing on basic rider posture.

4.  A problem or challenge that you are having.

5.  Progress on that problem and your ideas for next steps.

6.  Final submission – I recommend saving this submission for a later date if a new challenge comes up for you and your horse that you need feedback on! 

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